Lorelei II
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Teensy bit of swearing and violence in this one folks.


“Sam, stop, you’re hurting me! Please let go!” Lorelei pleaded with her husband, feebly trying to release her hand from his vice-like grip. But he ignored her, instead choosing to push her into his car, get in and drive off. They sat in uncomfortable silence the whole journey back with Lorelei too scared to say anything for fear of what he might do.
Once they reached their house he pulled into their driveway, turned off the engine and snarled, “Get out of the car.”
Doing as he said she pulled her trembling body out of the car and followed him through their front door, the whole time under his stony glare. Once inside that was when the argument truly began. Sam was always very careful as to where he caused a scene in public.
“What the hell were you doing with him?!” He shouted.
“You think you can go running around with other guys dressed like that?! Did you forget that you’re MY wife?”
“I... I’m sorry, I was upset-“ She began, but before she could get out the whole sentence Sam had grabbed her round the throat and pushed her up against the wall.
Her head hit the plasterboard with a loud crack and she cried out in pain.
“I don’t give a shit what you were feeling!” He spat, his face just inches from hers, contorted with rage. “You will NOT leave the house unless you’re properly dressed and you are NOT to see that little moron again! You are my wife and you’ll do what I tell you to, understand?!” Lorelei nodded with tears in her eyes. “I’m going out and don’t you even dare think about leaving. I’ll know if you even put one foot outside the house and if you do you will be really, really sorry.” She nodded again and with that Sam strode out of the house, slamming the front door so hard that she felt the house shake. Lorelei slumped down onto the floor and huddled against the wall, shaking. She stayed like that for almost an hour before she could gather enough strength in her limbs to move. She reached her hand around to the back of her head and felt a painful lump. Suddenly the magnitude of what had happened hit her and thick tears began to run down her face.
Why did she have to go and meet Elliott? She knew Sam wouldn’t like it, and she knew she would have been better off staying in. She knew it was always best to give Sam what he wanted. She knew that if she didn’t then she would pay for it, as she had done so many times before. But Elliott was the only one who had stayed a friend, who hadn’t lost interest after the weeks of no contact. She needed him and she would do what was necessary to keep him in her life.

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