Grace III
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Over the next few days Grace had thrown herself into her studies and been thinking of ways to help Brigitte, all the while trying not to spend too much time thinking about Elliott. She was studying for her master’s degree and was sat around a table in the university library with a group of people from her course discussing an assignment they had been sat, but Grace wasn’t paying much attention.
She checked her phone and let out a quiet sigh when she saw that she had no messages or missed calls. Although she had tried not to get her hopes up that Elliott would call she hadn’t been able to suppress them entirely. It’s not been that long. She thought. Maybe he’s waiting for things to calm down. She turned her head and looked out of the window; the room looked out over the lobby and entrance to the library. It was early afternoon, busiest time of the day and people were sat writing notes surrounded by piles of papers, queuing to borrow or bring back books, and rushing towards the computer lab to print coursework. As she studied the crowds she saw a face she recognised.
“Guys, I’ll be back in just a sec.” She said, pushing herself out of her chair.
“We’re in the middle of something.” Exclaimed a girl named Rachel in an annoyed voice. She was very thin with pale blonde hair and was infamous within the group as being the girl with the extremely short temper.
“I won’t be long.”
Grace wasn’t in the mood for Rachel today and as she ducked out of the room she heard her say, “Oh for God’s sake.”
She walked over to where she had seen Daniel and tapped him on the arm.
“Hi.” She said.
“Oh hey, how’s it going?” He was sat at a table with his laptop in front of him and various bits of paper stacked neatly beside it.
“Alright, I guess. How are you?”
“By the sounds of it better than you. What’s up?”
She pulled up a chair and sat down.
“About a thousand things. I’m trying to juggle uni and work, which is tough enough, but then on top of that I’m also trying to help my sister get better. And Elliott and I broke up.”
“Yeah he told me.” Grace looked at him quizzically. She knew Elliott and Daniel were friends - that was how she’d met Elliott - but she also knew that Elliott wasn’t the kind of person to talk about relationships with his friends. “I moved out of my mum’s and needed a place to crash; he was kind enough to put me up. It’s a bit hard to avoid the subject when you’re living with someone.” He explained.
“Oh, so how come you moved out of home?”
Daniel looked uncomfortable at the question. She knew his family life was a bit of a sore subject and didn’t want to pry but she was surprised at the news.
“It was time.” He said, and Grace decided not pursue that line of questioning.
“So what did Elliott say?”
“Not much. Just that you’d dumped him.”
“Oh don’t say it like that!” Grace said whilst Daniel laughed. “That makes it sound so heartless!”
“He hasn’t really said anything.” He replied, but when he saw the look on Grace’s face he quickly added, “But that’s not to say he’s been quiet because he doesn’t care. I think he’s upset about it to be honest. Have you heard from him?”
Grace shook her head.
He leant back in his chair and began tapping a pencil against the table. “So why’d you do it? I thought it was all going well.”
Grace explained the situation with Lorelei whilst Daniel listened quietly.
“That girl’s never going to leave her husband.” He said eventually.
“Does he talk about her then?”
“Not a lot. You know what he’s like, never gives too much away. I’ve never actually met her, maybe she’s imaginary.” He joked.
Grace rolled her eyes. “Definitely not imaginary.” She said.


Sorry these two aren't that exciting, it does pick up a bit in the next few parts I promise! I am working on the pictures for those now (as it would be cruel for me to say they are exciting and then leave you hanging lol) so they should be up in a short while.

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