Lorelei III
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Another minor swear!


Lorelei lay on her sofa watching a fly-on-the wall reality show about an ex-glamour model and her new husband.
The couple were describing in great detail how they had gotten engaged, and as Lorelei watched she felt envious.
Not of their fame or their wealth – those were things that had never entirely concerned her – but of the fact that, despite the media circus that surrounded them, they really did seem to love each other.

Just then she heard the front door open and looked up to see her husband stumble into the living room. He had spent all night at the pub with friends and Lorelei didn’t have to look at him to know that he was drunk beyond belief: she could smell the booze the second he had stepped through the door. If he was angry when he was sober, he was even worse when drunk.
“Hi darling.” She said meekly in an attempt not to provoke him. Sam merely grunted and slumped down onto the sofa next to her, picked up the remote and switched over to the sports news channel. This reaction, whilst cold, was not unusual but it made her feel uneasy nonetheless.
“Go and get me a coffee.” He spoke without even looking at her. Many women would have told him to get lost, but Lorelei knew that kind of reaction was out of the question if she wanted to avoid another row. She got up and headed into the kitchen and turned on the coffee machine when she heard her mobile phone ring from the living room.
The sound of the electronic music caused her to stop what she was doing immediately. There weren’t many people who called her anymore and she knew that Sam would look at the phone to see who it was. She stayed silent for a few moments until the ringing stopped and she was satisfied that Sam hadn’t answered it, and then recommenced making his drink. Just as she was adding sugar she heard movement by the doorway and turned around. Sam was stood there with her phone clutched in his hand looking angry. She froze.
“I thought I told you that you weren’t having any more to do with Elliott.” He said.
“I-I’ve not had anything more to do with him.” She stuttered.
“Then why the hell is he ringing you?!” His voice was raised and he took a few steps forward.
“I-I-I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him since you told me not to.”
“Don’t lie to me!” He shouted and threw her phone against the wall with such force that it shattered into many pieces. She jumped back in alarm, too terrified to respond; one hand flying to her chest, the other gripping the counter with her fingers.
“He can’t ring you if you don’t have a phone, can he?” His words were slurred and he was sneering now. His pleasure at cutting her off from the one friend she had left only too clear. “Stupid, ugly bitch. Don’t know why anyone would want to ring you anyway, who the hell are you?” He stepped closer to her and she tried to move backwards but there was nowhere left to go. She was backed into a corner and couldn’t escape. “You’re nobody. A useless, worthless, pathetic little girl.”
He looked her up and down, his face filled with disgust. “You’re not sleeping in my room tonight.” He said, and with one last glance left the room and went upstairs.


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