Grace IV
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Grace knocked on Brigitte’s front door, took a step back and folded her arms whilst she waited for her sister to answer it. She had been working with Brigitte every other day since she had agreed to try and get better, and so far was feeling very proud of her sister. It had taken copious amounts of effort, persuasion and mild sedatives but they had finally managed to get Brigitte to see the doctor, something she had been dubious about initially due to the lack of help she had received from them in the past. Grace had made the appointment and had charmed the receptionist into giving her the name of a doctor who would be sympathetic and understanding. This move had paid off and Brigitte was given a prescription for some anti-anxiety medication to help keep her calm whilst she was recovering, had referred her to a counsellor and suggested attending some small group sessions at the local hospital once she was able to leave the house. Currently, Brigitte was trying to get used to just the idea of going out: Grace would describe various situations that involved her being outside and Brigitte would try to keep her anxiety levels down; something she was doing well at. Grace did not doubt that it was difficult for Brigitte, but the fantastic way in which she was coping made Grace think that perhaps Brigitte thought she was worse than she really was.

Grace frowned and knocked again. It never took Brigitte this long to answer and it bothered her. Eventually she heard movement behind the door and it creaked open. Brigitte stood before her looking particularly tense.
“Are you ok?” She asked as she stepped inside and pushed the door shut behind her. The house was dark and gloomy, the only source of light coming from a single lamp that was lit in the living room.
“I’m not feeling up to this today.” She replied, her face sombre.
“You’re bound to have off days love.” Grace said sympathetically. “That’s why I suggested only try and work on it every other day, so you don’t overdo it.”
Brigitte put her hands on her hips and started pacing the room, taking big, deep breaths. “I don’t think I can do it.” She said.
Grace wasn’t surprised by this revelation. She knew her sister would have weak moments where she felt like she wasn’t strong enough. “Of course you can.” She said. “Look at how well you’ve been doing.”
“But it’s so hard to feel like this all the time. It’s exhausting and I don’t feel like it’s getting any easier.”
“You managed to leave the house and go to an appointment. Already that is a huge step.”
“I’m just so fed up of it.” Brigitte turned and faced her, and Grace saw that the green eyes which mirrored her own were filled with tears. “I couldn’t do it before, what made me think I could now?”
“Last time you tried it was too soon after the attack, you were still affected by that. This time is different.” She walked over and put an arm around her sister’s shoulders whilst she buried her face in her hands. “Think how good it will feel when it does start getting easier.”
“I can’t think that far ahead.”
“Look, I can’t force you; that won’t work. You have to want to get better, but I think you would be a fool to give up. Think what you would gain by persevering. Do you want to stay indoors for the rest of your life? Not being able to do the most basic things for yourself. Don’t you want to be able to visit mum’s grave.” She heard Brigitte take a deep, shaky breath. She felt a little guilty at bringing up the last point but told herself that it was valid. She knew it was something that saddened Brigitte so hoped it would push her to keep her motivation. “I don’t want to upset you sis, I just want you to try and stay positive, especially when you’re feeling like this.” Brigitte said nothing. “Is there anything I can do?” She asked. Brigitte shook her head. I really hope she sticks with this. Grace thought.


Thank you for the comments always really appreciated. Sorry this one is a bit depressing and lacking in action. Things will pick up soon I promise!

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