Lorelei IV
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Hi readers, sorry this took sooo long. Lots of RL stuff got in the way so thank goodness for Easter because I've finally had the time to work on some updates! Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy the following.


Six weeks later.

Lorelei stepped outside of her doctor’s surgery and stared straight up at the sky.
She could not remember ever feeling as lost as she did now. Her relationship with Sam was the worst it had ever been, with the days she suffered vastly outweighing the days she didn’t, and she had no one she could turn to. She had become estranged from her family and friends and felt completely alone. Most days she felt like she was drowning in a huge, black lake whilst Sam watched from the sidelines, the only person who had any control over whether she did or not. Her head would start slipping under and just when she thought she would never see the surface again, Sam would drag her back up, but only long enough for her to catch her breath before he would release his grip and she would fall straight back.

Somehow she managed to will her feet to move and slowly began walking home.
Pregnant. The word echoed around in her head. The news had come as a total shock, so surprising that Lorelei didn’t believe it at first until the nurse showed her the results of the test and she had no choice but to accept it. She had always thought she would have children but not yet, and not with someone like him. It was inevitable that overwhelming panic would hit her at some point, but at that moment she just felt numb. She didn’t know whether to tell Sam; he was a very unpredictable man whose moods would change as quickly and easily as switching on a light, and didn’t want to risk catching him at the wrong time.

As she got closer to home she could hear the waves crashing onto the beach, and saw a small group of people preparing to take a small sailing boat out. It took all her might not to run over and beg them to take her with them. The sun broke out from behind a cloud causing the ocean to sparkle, looking so inviting. She often wished she could leave this town and never come back; it only held unhappy memories for her.

As she approached the house she was too distracted by her own thoughts to notice an unfamiliar car parked outside. After fumbling around in her pocket for a few seconds she located her key and let herself in. Standing alone in her quiet living room she finally allowed herself to feel. Stumbling towards the sofa her body started to shake and tears built up in her eyes. She curled up onto it wishing that it would swallow her.
A noise from above made her freeze; she hadn’t realised that Sam was home. She quickly dried her eyes and listened out, wondering why he hadn’t heard her come in. She pulled herself up and quickly stole a glance at her reflection in the mirror, checking for signs that she’d been crying. She splashed some cold water on her face, dried it off and then went upstairs.

Lorelei felt like she’d been punched in the chest: there in front of her was her husband in bed with another woman.


There are more updates to come today, just got to do pictures.

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