Chapter Ten - The Show Down
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Romany awoke the next day, still high on the wonderful feeling of being in love. She was none the wiser to Seth's little night visit. She had a quick shower and ate some cereal whilst she thought about the coming day. Tobias wanted to see her after his shift, he said he would give her a call. She would just have to try to find some way to pass the time, until she could see him again.

She started off with tending her garden. The lettuces were growing well but regularly attracted slugs and weed. She was finding gardening fun, but it took a lot of attention. Perhaps she would be able to gain enough skill at it to grow more exciting things, but for now, she was hoping selling fresh lettuce would support and sustain her.

As she tended the garden she spotted the mailman putting in her first letters since moving into her new home. She knew it must be the first bills and gulped. She only had $14 to her name currently and doubted that would cover it. Tentively, she took the letters out and opened them one by one. The total bills came to $24 simoleons. She needed to find some money as soon as possible! The only thing she could do at present, was either try mooching some money or raiding the trash. It was still early morning in Sunset Valley, so she doubted there would be anyone around to mooch off. Trash raiding it would have to be.

First, she needed the loo. As she did her business and flushed, she watched in horror as the water in the toilet bowl rose and rose. It was blocked. Nothing for it, she would just have to get stuck in with the plunger and get it cleared. A waste of her time but necessary.

It took her a good half hour and her arms were sore by the time she was done. She was also pretty dirty, but that wouldnt matter considering she was about to go bin raiding. She wanted to get started before people started getting up and going off to their work. Slipping out of her house, she sidled up the her neighbours bin and got rummaging. Luck was shining on her today and to her amazement, she pulled out another pair of simlife googles! That would cover her bills and let her expand her house!

Pleased with herself, she went home and showered to get clean. By then the shops were opening and she pawned in the simlife googles. She now had $9025 simoleons to spend! Romany was responsible and put aside the money for her bills, then she went straight to B&Q, buying what she needed to extend her house and decorate the extention. Taking her shopping home, she spent the rest of the morning working hard on the expansion.

By lunchtime, she was stood outside her house admiring her handiwork. There was now another room, the bedroom. There were four full length windows looking out over the neighbourhood. She was very pleased. She even had a double bed. Tobias came to mind and she blushed. No time to be thinking about things like that!

Almost as if he knew she was thinking about him, her mobile phone went off. Fishing it out of her pocket, she answered swiftly.

'Hello? Romany Pike,'she said.

'Hi Romany, its Tobias. That's me just finished my shift. One of my friends has reminded me I am meant to be going swimming with him today but I really want to see you, so I thought maybe you would like to come to?' Tobias queried.

'Yeah sure! I would really like that, I haven't been swimming in ages!' she said excitedly. 'I will just pack my swimming things and cycle to the gym, see you soon!' she said, hanging up. Rushing around her house, she was soon packed and cycling off to the gym. So excited was she, she had no idea she was being watched.

Arriving at the gym, she found Tobias was already swimming so quickly changed and jumped in. Before long she was splashing him and having a great time. They got on so well, never short of things to talk about.

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly for Romany, as time does when you are enjoying yourself. After a good swim, Tobias and herself went for a dance in the upstairs studio. Tobias turned out to be quite the little mover, Unfortunately Romany was a terrible dancer, it wasnt her strong point.

Finally, feeling rather tired and hot, they went down to the bar and had a refreshing glass of fresh home made lemonade.

'Tobias, thank you so much for inviting me to the gym,' Romany said, shyly. 'I have had a really wonderful time! I might go for one last swim, I am feeling so hot.'

'No need to thank me, your company has been enough. I...I really like you Romany and I hope we can see more of each other?' he asked gently.

'I would like that a lot,' she affirmed softly.

'Well unfortunately I can't go for another swim, I need to go home and get some sleep before night shift again tonight. Enjoy youself though and I will phone you tomorrow,' Tobias said sadly, leaning in to give her a shy kiss.

Romany blushed and waved him goodbye. She really was very hot, another little swim would cool her down. Changing quickly, she jumped in and began to swim to the other side. The gym was empty by now and she was enjoying the peace of it. She reached the other side and as she pushed off to swim another slow length, she spotted something floating on the water. What was it? As she swam towards it, she strained her eyes and stopped suddenly. It was a yellow duck. What was a yellow duck doing in the pool?

As she tread water, staring at the duck, she became aware of someone's eyes on her. Turning round, she looked up and screamed. It was Seth. A smirking, evil eyed Seth.

'What are you doing in here?!' She said, swimming into the middle of the pool.

'Its a free country, didn't you know Pike? This gym is open to anyone. Well it was. Until I locked the doors,' Seth replied smugly.

Romany could hardly think, such was her panic. She was in a swimming pool, with Seth watching and the doors were locked. Saying things didn't look good, was an understatement.

'What do you want from me Seth?' She asked angrily. 'Why do you hate me so much?'

Seth glared at her.

'You don't remember me, do you Pike? Let me refresh your memory for you. Do you remember when you were a little girl, around 7 or 8 say? A day at the park, with darling daddy Pike. A day where you got into a fight, and won? Do you remember that day?' Seth spat coldly.

Romany did. Up until he had reminded her, she had forgotton about it, so insignificant had it been to her. She remembered a skinny, dirty, bruised boy that she had got talking too that day. She had been having such a fun time with her father. When she asked the little boy where his father was, he had exploded and leapt on her, punching and kicking. She did remember she won.

'Are you saying that little boy was you Seth?' she asked.

'Give the girl a medal!' Seth retorted sarcastically. 'Yes that little boy was me!'

'Well thats not a reason to hate me!' Romany said, confused. 'We were both little children! Little children say strange things!'

'Its NOT the reason I hate you! The reason I hate you is because you had a father! You had MY FATHER!' Seth roared at her, his eyes looking almost red with his hatred of her.

'What do you mean?!' Romany said, really puzzled now. Seth was clearly insane. 'Patrick was MY father, not yours?!'

'He was my father too! Yes, thats right. Your perfect daddy was my daddy too! He had an affair with my mother, Maria Pyke,' Seth stated, flatly.

Romany struggled to keep treading water as she tried to take in what Seth was saying. Seth was her fathers son...her half brother?! The yellow duck...the yellow duck! Seth killed her father!

'You killed him didn't you!' she accused. 'You killed my father! They found a yellow duck there, just like this one!' she said, pointing to the duck in the water. She was really starting to get tired now.

'Yes I did, I killed him and happily so! He got my mother pregnant the same day as your mother except he stood by your mother and left my mother a broken woman! My childhood was miserable thanks to him! My mother blamed me and beat me all the time, whilst you...YOU....lived in the lap of luxury! Daddies precious little girl! All he ever gave to me, was a stupid, useless, yellow duck!' Seth screamed at her.

Romany was feeling very frightened by now. She was so tired but if she got out, he would kill her, she knew it. She couldn't keep swimming forever.

'Yes thats right, Pike. I can see you are thinking over your situation. You are going to drown and people will think its a terrible accident. If you try to get out, I will kill you! All they will find of you is a little yellow duck!' Seth laughed happily.

Romany got it now. The little yellow duck was his 'calling card'. She was about to plead with him to let her out...when the lights went out. Only the pool was lit with its emergency lights. She couldn't see Seth.

'Seth? Seth? Where are you? Please don't do this. It wasn't my fault, what my father did, I was just a little girl! Please let me get out of the pool, we could talk about this, you are my half brother!' she pleaded, desperately.

She was really starting to flag now. She knew that if she didn't get out of the pool in a few minutes, she would not be able to keep going and drown.

Suddenly the lights came back on. She saw Seth by the switch at the end of the pool, and beside him was Tobias! How had he known?!

'I heard everything you said Snape, you are one evil man! You are under arrest'! Tobias said, grabbing Seth's arm.

'You are forgetting, PC Plod, that there is only one of you and one of me..and yes I am evil!' roared Seth. Before Tobias could get a proper hold, Seth launched himself at Tobias and pulled him to the ground.

Romany screamed.

'Tobias! Seth let him go, I will get out of the pool, you can kill me, just let Tobias go!' she begged.

They were fighting so furiously that she couldnt see whom was winning. She was so tired....she felt herself going under. She had no energy left. Everything went dark.

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