Chapter 11 - Epilogue
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Romany leapt out of her bed. She was very very excited and had slept fitfully all night. Today was a very special day. She was so glad she was still here to be a part of it.

After she blacked out in the pool, Tobias had managed to wrestle Seth to the floor and cuff him. He had jumped in, fully clothed and rescued her. Thankfully she had come round quite quickly, coughing up only a little water. Any later and it would have been curtains for her.

He had pulled her up to her feet and hugged her fiercely. Then he had done something that nearly had Romany blacking out again. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. He said he had come so close to losing her, it had made him realise how lucky he was to have her and wanted to have her forever.

Romany had gone to see Seth afterward. Perhaps she just had too big a heart, but she knew that he wasn't well mentally and as such, wasn't entirely responsible for his behaviour. She also understood it was his terrible upbringing that had made him the way he was. She had asked him how he came to find out that Patrick was his father.

He told her that the day after his mother died, he had been going through her things, looking for a special card he had once made her. He had come across a letter, written by his mother to Patrick. He had sworn then and there, that he would kill Patrick for what he had done to Seth and his mother.

Romany found it in her to forgive him, though she would never forget. A few months later, Seth was sentenced to life in prison. No matter his state of mind, he had killed Patrick in cold blood. Romany tried to visit him once a month.

And now here she was. On this special day of all days. The day she was to become Mrs Dunham. When she thought back, from the day her father was murdered, to living on the streets and then to now, she was amazed at how far she had come and just how strong she was. She knew that no matter what life threw at her from now on, she could stand up tall and strive on, and with Tobias by her side, she was sure she would never fail.


That is it for this story. I will be using Romany for the no job legacy challenge, but it wont follow directly on from this point here. Thanks for reading
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