Sims 3 Secrets: Chapter 1 Sunset Valley's Last Sunset's
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Driving into Sunset Valley an excited tourist took a picture of the first thing he saw. The picture was developed at the local store but never picked up so a copy was kept on the computers and was never deleted. Soon people started to recognize the picture and it was later brought to the light when a local recognize the picture as Nancy Landgraab who was speeding. Nancy never really had the time to look at the picture and it became more famous long after she was gone. Rumors where that she would sneak out at night and was having an affair. It was famous because none of the Landgraabs could describe the picture or remember that night. I guess no one really knows or remembers what happened that night.

It wasn't that big of deal to Nancy as it was to the locals and she wasn't to surprised. Being the talk about town Nancy's snobbish traits prevented her from shedding light on the subject. What happen that night was actually a big deal that night marked the date of the feud that changed Sunset Valley. Nancy had just been pulled apart from a very heated argument with Vita Alto. Nancy thought that she should think of retiring early. Working at Doo's Cooperate has really taken a toll on her marriage and she also created many enemies. It was only recent that she accused her husband of infidelity and it has made her marriage worse. Geoffry can barely look at Nancy anymore, he was still in shock of the accusations.

Nancy walked in the bathroom and noticed Geoffry getting ready to get to bed. She was more than willing to reconcile with him it's been more than two months since they slept in the same room. Things were getting pretty hectic between the two it was as they weren't even married anymore. The last thing Nancy wanted was a divorce how would it look like to the public.

Expecting herself to confront Geoffry he immediately came over to her."Nancy you haven't any clue what today was."He asked her. Nancy stared at him blankly in disbelief."I'm sorry, my job it's been keeping me very busy lately."Nancy replied."Your lucky Malcolm was raised right, or he would had thrown a fit, How do you think he felt that his mother missed his own birthday or didn't even buy him something."Geoffry said.

Nancy knew Geoffry was right and she decided it was best to go spoil him for the night, Which meant that Nancy would buy him what ever he wanted."I feel so stupid, I'll go talk to him now."Nancy said.

Nancy walked inside Malcolm's bedroom. She noticed how well kept Malcolm's bedroom was. His bookshelf was mixed with his video games in an ordinary fashion, his toys were kept clean and out of the way and out of sight.

Little Malcolm Landgraab was much more different than most of the other Landgraabs he spent most of his time in books. Over the summer he read so much books that when he went back to school he knew almost every book the teacher would assign the class. He was really into science. But he was doomed as the heir to the owner of countless businesses and real estate. Everything was handed down to him and he felt like he wanted to accomplish his own goals.

Nancy sat in the empty chair next to Malcolm's bed, she really never got a good look at her soon. He was growing up fast and signs of maturity was showing. She also notice that Malcolm was a little chubby. Showing her that Malcolm has been a little lazy the past year and excersizing was much needed this year."Malcolm, Happy Birthday sweety."Nancy said. Malcolm didn't answer."Honey what do you want for your birthday."Nancy asked."Malcolm!!!!"Nancy shouted."Oh sorry mother I didn't notice you come in."Malcolm said closing his book. Nancy decided to give up and go to sleep.

Nancy finished brushing her teeth and she went into her bedroom the moonlight give of a little bit of light through the door's window which she liked. She was about to get into bed when she noticed that Geoffry wasn't in bed.

Nancy looked all over the mansion for Geoffry not wanting to realize the truth she finally gave up and found him in the guest bedroom. It's the second month that night and Nancy never forgave herself for the accusations and was to scared to admit she was wrong.

Nancy decided to call it a night and went back to her room a little sadden that she had to sleep by herself again. Not as much as Malcolm but Nancy was a bit of a bookworm herself. She pulled out one of her romance novels from under the pillow and continue to read where she left off.

The next morning everyone was up early. It was Monday and Nancy was hoping for a very good week and she thought the way to start off a good day was to drink her Monday cup of coffee which was Dark Coffee. Nancy noticed Malcolm come downstairs and she was a little busy on her laptop."Mom can you make me breakfast."He called out."Dear you really do need to lose wait, cut back on this morning's breakfast."Nancy said."But mom I'm hungry."Malcolm said."Get daddy to do it for you."Nancy replied.

Geoffry walked in and noticed Malcolm pouting over the counter."Nancy make the boy his breakfast."He asked."I'm busy Geoffry you do it."Nancy said."I'm not asking for a traditional housewife but at least one that can feed her children."Geoffry replied. Nancy ignored Malcolm and continue Instant messing Thornton.

Nancy hopped into her vehicle and drove out of the mansion. She loved her new car she never felt more powerful behind the wheel Geoffry never allowed her to buy convertibles but she went against him and bought it anyways. She noticed a moving truck across the street at the recently built mansion. She had no clue on who was moving there and decided it was best to let them settle in and then visit maybe a week or two later.

The following night the Alto's finally settled in their home. The Alto's where new money. The Alto's got tired of their two bedroom Penthouse in Bridgeport and decided to move to Sunset Valley, where they came from they were one of the most famous families and they decided to rebuild their reputation in Sunset Valley. Nick spent his last to build the two story, three bedroom mansion. They were in their office and an angry Vita was typing furiously on the laptop.

"Dear, you shouldn't really start conflict with any of the leading families in this town."Nick said."I'm sorry dear but that Nancy, get's under my skin, I have big plans for this unknown town and that Nancy is in the way, does she have any idea who we are." Vita replied."That's the last thing we need is conflict honey, And apparently not and it doesn't take much for this town to know someone, so I don't think you running for mayor is really necessary."Nick said."I have every right to run for Mayor, and I wouldn't be asking Doo's Cooperate for funds for my campaign if you hadn't spend our last on this stupid mansion."Vita said."

"Please Vita, don't make me regret we moved here."Nick said."It's not your fault love, It's mine I didn't know that the people who lived here could be so powerful, after all I did hear that they were having their first mayor election in 10 years, when their first and only mayor had died."Vita explained."You mean they've been mayor less for 15 years."Nick added."Unlike you I did my research why did you think I wanted to move her so bad, But I didn't expect for the mayor to have descendants and very close friends."Vita said."Look our next meeting is this Saturday, I'm hoping this little feud ends by then. Until then we'll visit the Landgraabs to win there trust and pretty soon this town will be under our control."Nick explained."Brilliant idea honey."Vita replied.

Holly Alto was sitting outside the mansion reading a book. Where she was sitting she had a clear shot of the neighborhood and small town. Holly was very aware of her parent's plans but being more independent she decided to stay out of it as much as she can. She only had two more years of high school left and she would be gone.

Nick and Vita Alto decided to join their daughter out in the lanai."Imagine honey, night club over their, penthouses by the beach, high rises over looking the penthouses it's just what this town needs."Vita said."No mother this town is perfect just the way it is, I thought you move to the suburbs cause you guys wanted to get away from the city life."Holly said."I'm doing this town good, that means will have more money and the town will have plenty to build more modern homes, they will soon have a healthy economy, you'll all see."Nick said.

"Mom, dad just because you two move to a town that doesn't mean everyone has to suffer."Holly said."Holly, as much as your mother and I love you even though you go against everything we stand for we are looking pass your judgments and proceeding with our plans anyways."Nick said."Come on guys people move here to raise their kids in a healthy environment not some industrial wasteland."Holly said."That is not what your father and I plan to do, even though you grew up through it you ended up okay your father and I strongly disagree that an environment can effect someones childhood, They only end up bad if there parent's don't raise them right."Vita said."This is the last time we have a debate like this your father and I's intentions are good for this town no questions asked."Vita said. The couple embraced in a hug, while Holly sighed and look toward the town, She decided it was best to take a picture of the town before, after pictures one day she had never seen so much beauty from the tropical/country side area's before.
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