Chapter 2:- Not to Die, but to Live Again....
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The cool ocean water splashed over Andromeda’s feet as she took a last shuddering breath before submerging herself into the water. A single tear rolled down her cheek, the last one, she promised herself, before she took leave of this world.

'Trying to kill yourself, are you?' whispered a voice behind her.

The stranger was leaning against the beach pier, surveying her with keen interest. She hadn't heard any one approach her, and was quite shocked to see him standing there. 'I suggest you walk away,' she told him. 'A witness at a suicide case can be acquitted for murder.' She turned, and proceeded to walk further.

'Why?' He asked her. The meaning of the word was obvious. She turned to him. It has nothing to do with you. Why am I even entertaining your questions? Go now before I do it and you get implicated, too.'

'Maybe you should reconsider.' Her temper surged and she felt annoyance build up within her. He knew nothing, he understood nothing, he felt nothing that she went through...Who was he to advise her what she ought and ought not to do? Suddenly it all flashed before her; Her father's and sister's death, her failure to recover, her failure at work, the shattered relationship with her aunt and with that, she let a scream rent her throat and pierce the night air.

He stood watching her calmly, watching her vent everything out in that one scream, and when she had finished, he walked towards her.

‘Stay away from me. I don’t know who you are, or what you want, but just stay away from me.’ He stopped walking towards her, but he had moved quite close in a very short span of time. Something about him caught her eyehe had the darkest, jet black hair, with streaks of red, and the depest eyes the colour of red wine that looked both young and old at the same time. Dressed in a dark black suit with a red undercoat, he looked the part of an attractive young man.

'He's so good looking,' she realized with a gasp. 'But that doesn't matter now....what matters is the end of this suffering.'

'I know what's happened to you and I know what you're going through,' he said quietly. 'But your reaction to this is not right.'

Tears seeped from the conrers of her eyes, but she blinked them away. 'I can't go on. I can't move on. It's too hard for me to do this alone. Not without...them....'

Suddenly, it didn't matter to her that he was a completle stranger to her, suddenly it didn't matter that she didn't even know who he was, where he came from, not even his name. All she needed was a friend and she fell into his startled embrace and wept.

'Shush,' he cooed to her softly. 'You don't have to be alone. No one's said that you should be. You just kept pushing people away, and there was nothing anyone could do to help you unless you let them in.'

She sobbed, an they stood together for almost an entire half an hour, frozen in the silence, only broken by her quiet sobs, as the sun rose to their left. The picture was almost perfect, and when she had finished she dried her eyes, and they both smiled at each other, they both knew that they were bonded together, till death....

There are some things that two people can't go through together without connecting in a beautiful and special way, and this is exactly what happened between Andromeda and the stranger….

I know it's short but I thought it would be better to post in segments....No comments yet, guys, come on, tell me what you think!!!!!

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