Chapter 3:- To Begin Anew...
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'Come on, let's get you home,' he said to Andromeda. Shivering because of the cold, she went without dissent. As they got out of the car, the Sun had just begun it’s daily ascension in the sky; the dawn light spilled onto the front lawn, lighting up the dark panels and casting forth it’s dreamy hue through the windows.
She remembered the few months she spent here with her family, the life they had lead, the laughter and jokes that they had shared together.

‘Don’t cry,’ he said to her softly. ‘It’s time you stopped. You can make a new home here, filled with mew and better memories.’ ‘Yes,’ she sobbed softly. ‘Yes, you’re right.’ She steadied herself, went to the door and opened it. She had promised herself she would never return here, and was quite surprised that everything remained the same, intact as she had left an hour or so ago.

It was as if her subconscious expected the house to disappear altogether with her death. Together, they trooped silently to the living room and sat down.
‘I’m sorry.’ She said softly. ‘For what?’ He whispered just as quietly. She suddenly recognized the intimacy of the scene; a stranger in her living room in the breaking hours of dawn, her lower body soaking, and her shirt collar loosened….. She blushed. ‘Just accept my apology. It would make me feel so much better.’ He smiled. ‘I can’t forgive you if I don’t know what’s there to forgive. You did absolutely nothing wrong, and I was just trying to help.’ They both smiled at each other.

After a while, normal conversation broke out. It was suddenly as if nothing had gone wrong, and there was nothing that had occurred, and they spoke as if they were old friends. They spoke of mundane things, things that any normal young people their age would speak of; dreams, hopes, aspirations, thoughts ,beliefs…..

As he talked, Andromeda’s head dropped down on his shoulder; she was tired and it was almost 08:00 A.M in the morning. I think we’ve spoken enough for today, ‘he whispered to her. ‘Mmmm….’ She muttered, and nestled closer into his shoulder. He took a look at her and found her sound asleep. After checking again, he quietly inhaled the scent of her hair, the hollow in the base of his neck, and wrapped his arms around her.

As he slowly disentangled himself from around her, she got up, and smiled at him. ‘Did I just fall asleep?’ she asked, smiling. ‘Yes, you did. It’s time I left, don’t you think? Who knows what the nosy neighbours will think, seeing me walk out of your house at this hour.’ She giggled and he smiled. Let me show you out.

As they walked towards the main road, she studied him shyly out of the corner of her eye. Again, she noticed the fine cut of his suit, the heavy collar, the dark, blood red eyes, and the strong curve of his jaw…..

Just as he entered his cab, she held out an arm to him. ‘Wait! One more thing….’ He smiled and looked at her questioningly. ‘What’s your name?’ He gaped at her for a second, and she blushed. It was odd, how; after so much that had transpired between them both, neither knew the other’s name. Warren. Warren Ravenheart. And yours?’ ‘Andromeda… Andromeda Rhodes. But…. You can call me Dromy.’ She blushed.
He smiled at her, held her hands and said, ‘Take care of yourself. I’ll be back to visit, as soon as I can.’ With that, he left her, feeling, not happy, but more at peace with the world and herself than she had been for a long time.


After this, things changed for Andromeda Rhodes. Slowly, her life moved back on track. She no longer thought of ending her life, she no longer saw this as a closure; she looked forward to things, and slowly, her hopes, her dreams, her aspirations began to redevelop.

Thoughts of a future, maybe falling in love and getting married came to her mind. She was ambitious, and thought it took her awhile; her heart slowly began to mend. She started walking around town again, meeting people, and everyone was delighted to see her, restored, and back on track.

Warren was true to his promise; he visited as much as he could, at least thrice a week, and with each visit, he brought with him posies of flowers and little gifts. His presence was a great help to her, and she recovered quicker because of it. Each time, she anticipated his arrival more, and their friendship grew and blossomed.

Together, one day, they cleared the last vestiges of the remains of the fire; Andromeda had let it stand as it was, untouched, because the pain and grief was too much for her.
She wept as they did it, but she was comforted by the fact that this was probably one of the last times she would shed tears for them.

Though she initially looked weary and drawn, the tragedy that had taken away her family had taken away the few remaining traces of a child from her face; she now had the look, grace, elegance and poise of a young woman, strengthened by the trials she had faced but and slowly and surely returning to a normal, wholesome life.

She even took to the stove, no longer ordering food, but enjoying the delicacies and freshness of the taste of home.

Her services to the town and the efficiency of her work in city hall where not forgotten, and many encouraged her to return to her job, for the good of the township. She would often smile and this, but she knew that, in her heart, it was her desire to do the best she could for others, and soon, she would be drawn back to her life in politics.

Finally, one day, she made up her mind, and she returned to her office, and was immediately given her old position. She was welcomed back with cheers and approval, and, as she took her old seat, tears filled her eyes.

This was not the end for our young Andromeda Rhodes; this was purely the beginning of her life, a cleaner, fresher start, and she had emerged triumphant and a better person because of it.

Little did she know, the pains of the past were nothing compared to the horrors that awaited her in the future……

To be contined….

[I]Note: Sorry this post took so long, guys, just been a bit caught up with real life Hope you all like it muchly :D

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