Harmony Watches her Children Grow
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I think I did even better with Courtney than I did with Tabby. Court was quick to pick things up, and she learned how to walk and talk very quickly. I could tell the kid was smart, and luckily, she stayed that way.
She was a delightful little girl, and I felt a little sad that she was going to be my last baby. I kind of enjoyed the whole baby-toddler thing. They were so cute, even when they threw up on you.

Life went on and as Courtney became a child and would play with her toys in her room, that's when I would throw myself into my work. I had recently got a drawing pad, so I used it to help me sketch some ideas.

Work kept going better and better, and it seemed like it'd be one promotion after another, and I was getting to the top of the ladder, and I was getting there fast.

Courtney would ask for help on her homework very often. I don't think it was because she couldn't do it, just that she didn't want to be doing schoolwork alone. Tabby and I would switch off helping her, but because Tabby was working to get a car and was in the art club, I normally did it, not that I minded. I enjoyed spending time with my daughters, and if I could help them, even better.

Even though Tabby was full-on in her teen years and Court was still a child, they got along fairly well, and would often eat dinner together, away from me, talking about their day at school. I thought it was cute that they were bonding. Often times, while I was cleaning up, they'd be running around upstairs, having a pillow-fight war, seeing who would win, and then what chores the loser would have to do.

Tabby didn't show any resentment toward Court, not even from day one. They may have different daddies, but neither of their dads ever saw them, all they had was me, and each other, and as a result, we were all very close. Nothing could happen in that house without everyone knowing. Perhaps that's the reason Tabby never had a boyfriend.

When prom came around for Tabby, I almost didn't think she would go, she hardly had any friends at school or anyone to go with, as she spent most of her time painting or writing, but when she came home and told me that she was going, I supported her, and I offered to buy her a new dress, but she declined, and simply wore her everyday dress. When she came back home, she told me she was crowned prom queen and I nearly passed out. I was so happy for her, but I couldn't believe it. My loner, vampire daughter, prom queen? Is anyone else confused? Either way, I was so happy for her, and hoped that meant that she had more friends than I thought she did.

Tabby was very talented, and she picked things up quickly. She had mastered both the painting and writing skills before she even became a young adult. To say that I'm proud of her would be an understatement.
The thought of her being so close to graduating made me feel very old for a moment. It seemed like only yesterday that she was a baby, and here she was, so close to being all grown up.

For awhile, even the simple thought was enough to make me cry a little.

However, the thing that made me feel really old, and made me cry even more, was when Courtney became a teenager.

When I looked at Courtney as a teenager, it was like looking at myself when I was in highschool. Her hair was much more red than mine, but it worked on her.
She was beautiful. Both of my girls were beautiful. It was looking at Courtney when I realized that it wouldn't be too long until I had to pass my legacy onto one of my girls.
The thought alone made my heart ache, I wanted to pass it onto both of them. But I couldn't, and I knew that it was going to be a difficult choice.
They were both strong, beautiful, intelligent, and very determined. They were both people, and book smart, they understood things, and they never seemed to look at things negatively. The more I thought about who I would chose, the harder it became to think about.

Not too long before Tabby's 21st birthday, I reached the top of the Stylist Career, and I completed my Lifetime Wish. The Mayor of Riverview came and presented me with an award, and I smiled very big, as there was a small party outside City Hall in my honor.

I was so happy, I had worked very hard to get to the top, and now that I was there-before I even became an elder-was a huge accomplishment.

When Tabby's 21st birthday came around, I was excited, and sad. I was excited, because my little girl was going to be a fully grown woman now, but I was sad because that meant that I was 45. I did not want to be 45.

Looking at her standing there, now a young adult, I smiled and thought back to when I moved into town, and started out living in a shack, and in only 22 years, I had created a beautiful home for my children, and I gave them a great life.

For the sake of our daughter's 21st, Don and I even put up with each other. We actually were a little friendly, and spoke pleasantly with each other for awhile, much to Tabby's joy.

And as promised, on her Birthday, I gave her the cure for vampirisim. It took her awhile to be able to convince herself to take it, but once she did, the change was almost instantaneous.

And right before our eyes, she became human, for the first time.

I smiled, and cried. I don't think my daughter had ever looked more beautiful.

(A/N: I know this chapter seems a little short, but so much happened, I couldn't place everything in, so, I just kind of did an overview. The next one will be better!)

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