2.3 Tabby has Twins
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Paige was growing up faster than I wanted to say. I loved spending time with her. She was beautiful, always happy and she really made every day brighter.

On Paige's birthday, I threw a party, and I invited Courtney and Lukas over. Courtney was just beginning to show, as was I. Her due date was only a few weeks before mine. We started talking about names for the babies, and how much fun it would be to have our children grow up with one another. Mom was smiling at us from across the room, while our husbands watched some TV.

When it was time to blow out the candles, I brought Paige over and she blew them out one by one.

My then 5-year old daughter demanded that she get her cake, and it was promptly given to her, and she ate it quicker than I would have thought possible. Afterwards, there was some present-giving. She got a few new toys and a couple new dolls, as well as a teady bear that was mine when I was a child.

She appreciated her gifts, and by the end of opening up presents, the poor thing was worn out, and Kendrick took her upstairs and put her to bed.

Before she left, I went and talked with Courtney, joking that I could hear twins and that she needed to prepare herself. She just laughed a little, and not too long after that, she and Lukas headed home.

Paige loved the color yellow, so, when we moved her into the "big girls room" and told her that she could design it any way she pleased, she chose yellow. Everything in her room was yellow. Everything. I tried to convince her that yellow wasn't the only color, but rather than fight her, I decided to let her have what she wanted.

Three and a half months after Paige's birthday, I went into labor. Kendrick, now knowing what to do a little bit better than before, grabbed everything we needed, and drove me to the hospital.

I knew that I was going to come out of the hospital with a baby, however, I didn't expect to come out with my arms full.

Everyone, meet the two newest members of the Stephens clan. Julia Naomi Stephens (right) and Natalie Jessica Stephens (left). Julia was born at 5:06 in the morning, and Natalie was born four minuets later, at 5:10 AM.

Welcome to the world, little ones.

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