2.5 Tabby sees her Girls Grow
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Kenny absolutely adored taking care of his sons. He loved Scott and Chase very much, they were his boys. He could often be found just sitting in their room, playing with them. He told me after we brought them home that he was going to sign them up for sports, take them camping and fishing, and do a whole bunch of "guy stuff" with them. It made me smile, I loved seeing Kenny so excited. He loved all our kids, but I think the two boys really made him happy simply because he didn't think we'd ever have any. We both taught them how to walk and talk, and he volunteered to do the potty training, as I had done it for all the girls. I was very much okay with this arrangement.

Often times when all the girls were at school, I'd sit in the doorway and watch him play with the boys. His eyes would light up, and he was so very happy to have them in our home, as was I. Both boys take after their father with most of their looks and eye color, but have my hair color and nose. They're quite adorable, if I do say so myself.

It really was a shame that mom couldn't be here to see them, she would have been just ask excited as Kenny is. I thought to myself more than once during those many times I stood in the doorway watching Kenny, Scott, and Chase play.

When the girls' 13th birthday came around, I felt much older than I really am. We threw a party with all of their friends from school and our family members. Her cousins had already had their party two and a half weeks before, simply because we didn't want five-sugar high teenagers running about.

Julia got to go to her cake first. She was quite excited and when she blew out her candles, everyone cheered.

When it was Natalie's turn, everyone got even more excited because they knew after she was done, they'd be getting cake, and after all, who doesn't love cake?

Natalie looked like the perfect blend between Kendrick and I. She had my hair, Kenny's eyes, and a mix between our face shapes. She's quite beautiful, and I think with the hairstyle she currently has, she looks quite a bit like me when I was a teenager.

She loves the color purple, and following in her oldest sisters footsteps, she has a completely purple room, and has not changed it since her birthday, which I honestly thought she would.

She basically only ever wore two colors; purple and black. She was quite the artist, and she would ask me on many occasions to teach her how to paint better.

Julia, like her sisters, is beautiful, and I personally think she takes more after Kenny.
Julia is the sweetheart of our family. She's constantly thinking about others and asking if we can donate some money to some charity she found out about. She loves the color pink, and like her two sisters, has her entire room decorated in that color.

She's very happy, and sweet to everyone. There are very few people in her class that are not friends with her, and she is genuinely liked.

Paige was now in her Junior year in highschool, and while for the first few years she basically ignored boys (much to my delight), she decided that now was a good time to get involved and there was one boy, Jordan Crowely who had caught her eye. She invited him over for dinner so that Kenny and I could meet him, and he was quite the nice guy, and he seemed to be head over-heals for Paige. To be honest, seeing those two together were adorable.

Kenny, however was not seeing the adorableness of the situation and said that he "really didn't like the kid", and that made me laugh. I had always heard about fathers being over protective, but I really didn't see it happen until now.

In the few years that have passed since mom died, someone had to take over looking after the garden. That someone ended up being me, and it took up quite a bit of my free time, but I did it simply because I knew that my mom loved her plants, and she'd want me to take care of them for her. I also enjoyed being outside in the late afternoon, after the girls come home from their after-school clubs. They'll hang out on the playground and talk about things they did that day, and it was a great way to hear about how their social lives were going.

One afternoon a few weeks ago, Natalie brought a boy over. His name was Clifford Gains, and those two had been friends in elementary school, but since she started highschool, I hadn't seen much of him. So when I saw those two together, I laughed a little to myself. Cliff was obviously crushing hard on Natalie, and I over heard him ask her to the spring dance. She said yes, and my smile grew even wider, and I could really see those two together sometime in the future.

Seeing the girls interact with each other and boys made me realize that one of them will be taking over the legacy some day, and some day soon. It was hard to think who I would pass it on to, each one of my girls was so beautiful, and very capable.

However, it wasn't time to chose yet, so that's good, but it wont be too long until it's time to chose.


A/N: Who do you guys think should take over?

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