2.7 Tabby Starts Feeling Old
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The next day I made a point to speak to Kenny before he left for work about possibly getting our oldest daughter a horse. When I told him the idea, he laughed.

"She wants a horse?" He chuckled, seeming to be amused at the idea.

"Yeah. She does." I replied with a smile.

"Well, she wants either a drum set, or a horse, and we both know she will not be getting the drum set anytime soon." He grinned.

"You have a point."

"So, it's settled. We'll go pick out a horse for her in a few days, so she can meet the horse and decide if she wants to adopt the one we picked out for her, or if she wants a different one, and by the time all of that happens, it should be reasonable to let the horse be her birthday present." Kendrick spoke.

I smiled and gave him a quick kiss before heading back inside to get dressed. I was going to go look at the horses after Kenny left for work, and then when he had his day off, I'd make sure he liked the horse as well.

We chose on a beautiful mixed breed mare. She was very well tempered and smart and very friendly. Her name was China and when Kenny and I brought Paige to see her, we could tell that we had picked out the perfect horse for her.

Two and a half weeks later, we brought China home, and instantly, Paige began to ride her around the neighborhood. At first the poor girl was scared to death about falling off, but, as time went by, you could see her getting more and more comfortable.

Most nights when the kids were out or sleeping, and everything was quiet, Kenny and I would relax in our room and talk. Sometimes we'd talk about the day, the week, how things were going in our life, our kids. The topic of who to pass the legacy on to came up a few times as well. The conversation would normally fell from daughter to daughter, lingering for a moment on a different one of our girls each time.

One night, while we were talking, Kenny whispered, "Whoever you chose, I'll support you. I'm sure your mother would too."

I smiled at him and gave him a soft kiss, smiling a little at him. Kenny always knew what I needed to hear, and what to say to calm me down. He was the definition of a good husband, and I was beyond happy to have him as mine, and in my life.

In the month before Paige's 18th birthday, Natalie and Cliff started to hang out more and more. Each time they hung out at night, she'd cut it closer and closer to curfew. When I asked her about it, she just kept saying that Cliff was just that awesome of a guy, that when she was around him, she easily lost track of time.

I smiled at her when I heard that, realizing how crazy about him she must actually be.

The boys were getting older, and because of this, Kenny would take them down to the hatchery in town and let them do a little bit of fishing. It was a good way for all of the boys to bond and spend time together. Scott and Chase adored it, and they would bring back fish for me to use as fertilizer in my garden.

Scott loved to be outside. Often times, you could see him standing beside me in the garden, talking about plants, animals, life, nature and playing outside.

Chase, on the other hand didn't really care either way, he just wanted to spend time with his brother and father, and get away from all the drama three teenage girls can create.

I started to try and let Paige have some more freedom. She was going to be a young adult soon, and so, she needed more freedom, as well as responsibility. She had a job, car, and a horse to take care of, all on top of her school work, and she was doing very well.

I pushed her curfew back to midnight, and she would normally be home by 11:15 when she went on dates with Jordan. One night, however, she didn't make it home until almost 2 AM.

To say that Kendrick was mad would be an understatement. He was furious and scolded Paige for staying out so late, especially with a boy. He grounded her until her birthday, and she did not think that was fair. She explained that they went out to dinner after the movie, and it had simply taken forever to get inside, eat, pay the bill and leave. The diner was all the way across town, and it took awhile to come back.

I eventually said that I understood her reason, and that she was still grounded, but for only a week, and to go upstairs. She seemed to think that was more reasonable, and went to bed. I told Kenny not to worry about it either. It was a Friday night, she was nearly 18, and there was no reason to be so mad that she was out with a boy, especially one as kind and reasonable as Jordan.

He eventually sighed and admitted I was right, and that he had simply been worried about her. The next day he lifted off all punishment, and told her not to stay out so late again. She agreed and swore to always be home by a reasonable hour.

When Paige's 18th birthday came around, all of her friends from school came. All in all, the party was a blast, and my oldest daughter was now a young adult, ready to take on the world.

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