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“Oh, Don!!!!!!!!!!

The next morning Nina felt embarrass about what happen the night before. She had woken hours before Andrew. She was thinking about what she would say, when he awoke she sat next to bed. “Good morning babe.” Andrew said. “Andrew about last night, why didn’t you stop.” Nina asked. “Why would I stop, it was getting to the good part.” Andrew replied. Nina was confused, usually a partner would be angry about this. “I yelled out my ex boyfriends name.” Nina said. Its not like we’re serious Andrew replied.

Nina then remembered the purpose of this relationship. The two were friends with benefits. Their relationship was a secret. The couple were both professionals and only got intimate with each other. They didn’t want relationships getting in the way of their careers, at least not yet. So they both agreed on secret meetings to release strong urges. “I’m sorry Nina I didn’t mean it like that. “Andrew said. “Its okay, I’ll see you later.

5 years have passed since Nina became the vocal legend she was today. After her first performance Nina couldn’t wait to perform for an audience again. She planned on getting booked a steady gig at the coffee shop. When she went to audition the owner loved her performance but told her she wasn’t well known enough. Nina didn’t give up and everyday she perform for tips outside the coffee shop. She eventually got the gig. Since then Nina was discovered and signed to a record company.

As for Dina, she awoke lost. She has never felt so vulnerable in her life. It scared her. Things needed to change. She saw what her life was directed towards. Dina admitted to herself she was jealous of her sisters new found talent. She wanted to be in the spotlight herself.

Fame came easily for Dina Caliente. While Nina was getting more famous Dina thought of a plan to get attention. It was one day Nina was invited to a little party at a friends house. With research Dina knew that the party was being host by someone who was really close with a movie director. Dina tagged along with her sister to the party. Even Nina had no idea what Dina had in mind but she decided to go along with it.

The party was coming to an end when Dina’s plan pulled into action. Dina had rehearsed many hours on what she was going to do. Dina dramatically fell on the floor and immediately caused attention amongst the guest.

The film director definitely noticed Dina. He noticed the bold move that Dina pulled and saw that she was perfect to fit a role in his upcoming film. He immediately gave her a part. Dina was so perfect for the role she became an instant hit. She was in many other movies acting came naturally to Dina. She eventually signed a contract with a new TV series which would began production within a year.

Dina’s fame was also the success of her book Confessions Of A Gold Digger. The book sold millions and was featured on many talk shows it was best seller and won many awards. Dina’s book was a self help book for women to become more independent. Short stories and memoirs of her life caused her readers to laugh, cry and more.

5 years have passed and Nina became. She made two albums that sold millions around the world. Everyone knew who Nina Caliente was. It was a dream come true for Nina. Her success has earned her millions throughout the years.

After a few years apart the twins decided it was best to combine their earnings and buy a mega mansion overlooking the city. The home was so big on an average busy day for the twins it was possible that they wouldn’t run into each other for days.

Lately its been one of those busy days. Nina finally had time to catch up with her sister Dina. “Clearly you miss Don, its been five years and now your bringing up his name.” Dina responded. “You and him must have had a real strong chemistry then, but.” Dina said.

“I find it hard to admit to myself as well, I do miss him. Nina then remembered the reason why Don and her split. Nina fell in love with Don but she knew his life style. He lived the fast life and so did Nina but she was willing to change. When Nina found out that Don was getting married to Cassandra was having an affair with his maid and had a fling with her sister it was to much for her to handle and couldn’t forgive Don. She didn’t have to move with Dina but their was nothing for her in Pleasantview anymore. And she also got a reputation for being a gold digger because of her sister.

“Dina, I’m going back.” Nina said. “Why in the hell would you want to move back.” Dina asked. “Not move back just visit, a week or two tops.” Nina replied. “Why cant we just fly Don to Starlight Shores.” Dina asked. “I missed my friends, I miss the town.” Nina said.

“Look Nina if you go, there is no way I’m letting you go alone.” Dina said.

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