Sims Stories Present: Love, A Cassandra Goth Story (New)
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I'm sorry It took me a while the story is coming along well. My game is running smooth on high graphics and plenty of custom content. Just as I was thinking how I can connect my story into supernatural EA announce seasons I can't wait for that expansion pack to come out what will they think of next.

Part 1
Cassandra Goth came from a very wealthy family. She’s not your typical heiress that goes out to party's and brags about her money. Like every other Goth she is very modest. Growing up she didn’t really have many friends and she liked it that way. Being a Goth did come at a cost. Since she was young Cassandra was harassed by paparazzi waiting for her to slip up and put it all over the news paper. But the most dirt they have on her was an overdue library book. Eventually they left her alone.

Cassandra met Don the last year of his medical school . What attracted Cassandra to Don Lothario was of course his good looks while Don had different intentions. Cassandra was very rich. Don had a bright future as a surgeon so he was definitely able to charm the Goth household and get Mortimer and Bella’s approval. Cassandra may have seemed like a nerd but Don noticed Cassandra’s potential beauty after they started dating. Don eventually fell in love with Cassandra Goth. But Don had another problem he kept secrets from Cassandra. He had a complicated, long relationship with previous girlfriend Nina Caliente. Had a fling with Dina Caliente, and started an affair with the maid. He has also kept many secrets from her that eventually started to surface. Dating Cassandra also brought out most of his affairs into the media.

It was a few days before Cassandra’s wedding was when the scandal broke out. Don and Nina was caught on the top of Don’s condo making out. After overhearing a few girls gossip Dina ran home to her sister.” Nina, I can’t believe it.” Dina said in between breaths.

“Nina, why are you smiling.” Dina asked.

Mortimer came outside holding Bella’s dog duchess. Bella adopted Duchess a few months before her disappearance and Mortimer hated that dog. But after Bella’s disappearance Mortimer and Duchess have been inseparable It was their way to cope. “Honey, I’ve read the papers.” Mortimer said. Cassandra kept quiet as her father made an attempt to console her.

“We can delay the wedding for a few more months until you two can work something out.” Mortimer suggested. “No the wedding is still going on.” Cassandra replied.” Are you sure honey.” Mortimer asked. Mortimer really couldn’t figure out his daughter at the moment.” Are you considering marrying this man after what he did.” Mortimer asked.

“He humiliated me and I can only get even.” Cassandra said. “The wedding is still going to happen.” Cassandra said.

That same day Nina went over to Don’s house. She caught up with him as he was entering his condo. She was waiting for him to come home all day.” Everyone knows now ” Nina said. “I went over to Cassandra’s house today, we made up” Don replied. It angered Don that Nina was smiling at him after the scandal broke out it was clear to him that Nina was trying to sabotage the wedding and after this he might never talk to her again.

Don was never the one to argue so he looked at her and walked away. Nina was in shock. She couldn’t believe that Cassandra Goth won, not that she had anything against her but Nina was in love with Don Lothario first, and she knew he felt the same. She held her arms out as Don walked up stairs to his bedroom. Nina let herself out while she was fighting back tears. Don was truly a heart breaker she thought. She decided to give up on Don and decided it wasn’t worth chasing someone that didn’t want you.

The ceremony went as planned and the guest arrived. Don felt good about himself. He was willing to change his lifestyle for the right woman. He was actually looking forward to starting a life with Cassandra Goth, the two would move out of town and live happily ever after. It’s as if his fear of commitment disappeared.

The ceremony finally started when Cassandra and Mortimer walked down the isle for the traditional father daughter giving away. Mortimer kissed his daughter on the forehead and handed her to Don.

Don was shocked to see how beautiful Cassandra Goth really was. She took after her mother Bella so much. Don was very happy and now more than ever willing to take Cassandra’s hand in marriage. He grabbed her by the waist and gave Cassandra a sexy glare.

Cassandra planned the evening. Just like Don broke her heart with the multiple affairs she was going to crush his. Her wedding was planned to be private and intimate with no camera’s but she hired one of the paparazzi's to get a shot of tonight's event. She hinted to them that it was going to be a night to remember and without hesitation someone came over. Just as Don said his I dos Cassandra took her ring and threw it at Don.

Things were now getting heated when Cassandra exploded on Don.” What the hell are you doing.” Don yelled.” You think I want to marry you.” Cassandra asked. “Your nothing but a lying pig you insensitive jerk.” Cassandra yelled. “Are you crazy I thought we made up.” Don yelled.” Why go through all this trouble if you knew you were going to leave me.” Don said.

“Just like you humiliated me now I’m getting even, say cheese for the camera.” Cassandra said. With that remark Cassandra gave Don the loudest, hardest smack to the face. At the same time the Camera man took a perfect shock of Cassandra slapping Don. “Thank-you Miss Goth, my boss will love this” The man said.

Just as the situation escalated Dina got in between Cassandra and Don. “Don just leave, you’ve done enough damage.” Dina said. Cassandra was shocked and confused. Don was humiliated in front of the guest and now his humiliation was going to show on countless tabloids. Yes dating a Goth did come at cost especially if you double crossed them. Don left the wedding and didn’t look back.

The End of Part 1 The story is coming along great I have taken many pictures that spread out into plenty chapters. I want plenty of feedback negative or positive. I decided to give you a little mystery can you figure out what is behind this door. I can’t give away any hints because to much info will give away the answer.

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