Devil's Grey - Episode 1 "The New Case" Part 2 of 2
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Part 2 of 2.

Shadow gets up while giving a loud laugh. His laughter echoed through the apartment.

REBECA: I don't know what is your problem with him.

SHADOW: No problem.

REBECA: You don't seem very confident.

SHADOW: He blames you 'till today, Rebeca.


SHADOW: Yes! Of all mother******* you deal with, he is the biggest!

REBECA: And you think he showed me this woman on purpose?

SHADOW: What I know is that there is nothing wrong with this woman. If there is a secret, it is between her and her little world. No one is following her.

REBECA: And we can say that to this point? Really?

SHADOW: Four days, doctor.

Rebeca lights up a cigarette, casually letting it burn.

REBECA: If I'm wrong about this...

SHADOW: Suddenly you are responsible for this woman's life? How interesting. Even more that Davis was the one who indicated.

REBECA: You think he's punishing me.

SHADOW: You're punishing yourself, but he is contributing.


SHADOW: You guys have a past, I understand.

REBECA: Outside the police, I mean.

SHADOW: I know.

REBECA: I think everyone knows.

SHADOW: What the **** Rebeca! Do not let this bring you down!

REBECA: You are right... It is an empty case.

Shadow walks to the door. He turns to say goodbye to Rebeca.

SHADOW: I gotta go. Call me, doctor?

REBECA: He... He said I need to get laid...

Pause. Shadow smiles. Rebeca analyzes his expression, wondering why Davis would say something like that to her.

SHADOW: What do you want me to do exactly?

She does not respond and starts to get into deeper thoughts, she turns around, and then back to look at him again.

Shadow smiles like a playful child.

REBECA: Nevermind.

SHADOW: Call me?


He goes and she gets lost in her thoughts again.

Elena is sitting in the chair, facing Rebeca and analyzing with discretion.

REBECA: I'm sure Elena. No one is after you.

ELENA: I... Do not even know what to tell you. I could swear!

REBECA: These things happen. You know what to do?

ELENA: I don't understand.

REBECA: About my payment.

ELENA: Oh yes. I already dealt with Davis.

She pauses when hears Elena. Begins to create a satisfactory answer and begins to improvise.

REBECA: Elena... I'm sorry. I can see that you're scared, on the edge... Sorry I could'nt find this... Person you saw.

Elena does not respond. Just nods.

Elena leaves the office and walks to the hall, Rebeca walks behind.


Elena continues toward the elevator.

Rebeca enters the office again and grabs her phone from her pocket. Dials a number and waits.

REBECA: Shadow?

SHADOW: Doctor...

REBECA: I just spoke with my client. Isn't it strange that a person does not show any sign of concern to hear from a detective that there was no success in meeting such person who is following you?

SHADOW: She was simply satisfied?

REBECA: Yes, as if she knew in advance what would be my answer.

SHADOW: Strange, indeed. You think she was coerced?

REBECA: I don't know, the fact is that no one followed her. And I'm sure now. Maybe...


REBECA: Maybe she is not the target.

Perhaps not, perhaps - she thinks.

Davis and Rebeca are in her car, the city noises fill the silence between them.

Davis suddenly decides...

DAVIS: And you think that this person is following your client may have some relationship with the informant wanted by the BPD?

REBECA: If I had all the answers, Davis, I would be taking coconut water in Caribbean.

They watch Elena's house. Nothing. All static, lifeless gray.

Short pause, while Rebeca continues to watch, Davis observes and architect a comment.

DAVIS: I didn't mean to hurt you.

REBECA: Now? Seriously?

DAVIS: There's no better time.

REBECA: I'm working.

DAVIS: I'm here for pleasure.

REBECA: This... Was a mistake.

DAVIS: I want to help. And try, really, to forget everything that happened in the past.

REBECA: Are you sure? Because of all people, you are the one who never let me forget. If on one side you give me a hand, with the other you're always with a stone to throw at me!

DAVIS: Rebeca...

REBECA: Davis. I'm sorry, but I've paid for my sins. I was exonerated by the Bridgeport Police Department. My career is over, what am I now? An illegal detective. That's what I am now. My life comes down to it. I became a criminal. I spend every day couting on the solidarity of former friends to not to have to flee to another country! I made a huge mistake and I regret it, but you Davis, you... You are the first that should forgive me in the name of all that we went through.

DAVIS: Rebeca, I...

REBECA: I don't want your pity!

DAVIS: I don't pity you.

Both are silent.

And again look at Elena's house. Nothing.

REBECA: Five days and nothing.

DAVIS: Seven years and nothing.

REBECA: I was talking about my case.

DAVIS: I was talking about you and me.

Davis leaves the car and walks to his car.

Rebeca stays in the same place, thoughtfully.

Rebeca and Shadow meet in a random bar, with few customers.

The eyes peeled to the case.

SHADOW: Six days. Must be killing you.


SHADOW: I can find a better case for you. Stop hanging with that jerk Davis.

REBECA: Oh yeah? And what you have for me in the hat?

Shadow smiles. Rebeca lights a cigarette.

SHADOW: Doctor, stay with me and you'll see pure success!

Rebeca laughs.

REBECA: Your mother calls you Shadow?


Rebeca laughs with fewer teeth.

Shadow lights a cigarette, but don't smoke, just let it burning in the air.

REBECA: Why Shadow?

SHADOW: Why the interest?

The music starts to sound more intense. The noise of the foosball table runs throughout the bar.

The cigarette burns on the fingers of Rebeca. He finally smokes his. The smoke goes through the table dancing and creating a division between the two of them.

REBECA: I need this case.

SHADOW: You owe shit to Davis!

REBECA: This is not about Davis.

SHADOW: You look great. No one is judging you.

REBECA: I'm not judging me too, but it's a long road before self indulgence.

SHADOW: Neither. Advance two houses...

REBECA: Roll the dice first.

SHADOW: You can not handle the consequences!

REBECA: I am so fragile like that?

SHADOW: ...Advance two houses.

Rebeca smiles and loses her eyes down, wondering how her life would be if everything was the contrary.

A man approaches their table. Shadow is the first to notice.

Interrupts Rebeca.

MAN: Rebeca Ericson?

REBECA: Who wants to know?

MAN: They asked me to deliver this note to you.

SHADOW: Who asked?

MAN: I don't know. A man outside.

She takes the note, already attentive to the content. Shadow stare the man.

MAN: Hey, I don't wanna fight, buddy. 50 bucks is 50 bucks.

Man walks away. Shadow's cigarette smoke still burns in the air. Rebeca is apprehensive. He observes.

She passes the note on the table for Shadow.


Rebeca and Shadow gets up at the same time and goes to the door, looking for who sent the note.


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