Devil's Grey - Episode 2 "And Them Comes The Paranoia" Part 2 of 2
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Robert gets closer to Rebeca, and sits on the chair, while analyzing the office. Dissatisfied with what he sees. Confident that Rebeca can help.

ROBERT: Look, I did not mean to scare you. I only have urgency. It's delicate.

REBECA: And how can I help?

ROBERT: Okay. Well, I... There's someone after me. A person following me, lurking, watching and I'm afraid that might harm me.

Rebeca pauses and reflects on how what Robert said looks like Elena's case.

REBECA: After you. And why?

ROBERT: I've seen some things. I worked for a very, very bad man. I'll try to be blunt with you... I know I won't help much if I don't talk about what you should know and maybe even find out eventually. That is... I need to make sure that you are able to help me.

REBECA: Understood. No need to mention names now, but what you did to this man?

ROBERT: I helped him launder money.

Rebeca is surprised by Robert's honesty and the strange fact that he confessed to a crime so spontaneously, without even knowing her so well. Or maybe that was what she thought...

ROBERT: I mean... We don't have that privilege, privacy thing?

Hasn't. Rebeca knows that. She is illegal like him in their criminal activities.


She lies.

ROBERT: Great. It is not important what I did for him anyway, despite being obviously an illegal business. It's that now he knows that I know certain things that I shouldn't. I investigated on my own. Big mistake. I'm so stupid!

In a wave of fury, Robert slaps Rebeca's table.

Rebeca gets scared. Robert quickly realizes and he contains himself.

ROBERT: Sorry!

REBECA: I cannot help you, Robert.


REBECA: I will not be able to take your case. It's too risky.

ROBERT: I'm risking my life! Don't you care about that?

REBECA: How'd you find me?

ROBERT: I know you're suspicious because of the nature of your work, but why does it matter?

REBECA: My office is not open to the public.

ROBERT: Please help me!

REBECA: Sorry, it's too dangerous. I only work with domestic cases. I can give you a name, but I...

In that same time Robert gets up and leaves, thundering, Rebeca's office.

The sudden silence increases Rebeca's nervousness.

In a dark and deserted street - in the middle of Red District - Rebeca and an old friend of hers, Mercedes, meet each other.

MERCEDES: Hola p***! How long has it been?

REBECA: But what is this?

They hug and Rebeca takes a few seconds admiring the new girlfriend's breasts while her mind is flooded with memories of Mercede's (or Marcelo) forced Spanish accent.

REBECA: But with what money...?

MERCEDES: You know nothing, corazon! I found a husband.

Rebeca gives a strong laugh and feels relieved.

MERCEDES: Mira, mira, mira las tetas!

Mercedes squeezes her breasts and shows it to Rebeca.

MERCEDES: Enough, p***!

REBECA: You are different.

MERCEDES: About to get out of the streets. This time for real!

A car passes behind them...

And another transvestite shows off to the driver.

TRANSVESTITE: Wow, wow, honey. For forty'm all yours for an hour! Stop the car!

The car continues to follow it's destiny slowly and horn twice.

The driver puts his head out of the car and yells back.

MAN: Abomination!

TRANSVESTITE: Sit on my c***, hijo de una p***!

A black transvestite approaches and also screams.

TRANSVESTITE: I know you motherf*****, you come here every wednesday night, who is your damn god now?

Mercedes and Rebeca focus on the conversation.

MERCEDES: What have you been doeing, corazon?

REBECA: I spent all afternoon at Davis.

MERCEDES: Again this cabron?

REBECA: Mercedes... I...

MERCEDES: Damn! Do you feel you need him?

REBECA: I think so.

MERCEDES: I say... Cut relations, buy some tits and sea feliz con nosotras!

REBECA: Perhaps he's right. I am sick!

MERCEDES: Oh, stop it! No creo! He said you're sick? Maricon!

REBECA: No, he said I should go seek psychological help.

MERCEDES: F*** him, that carajo de hombre!

REBECA: I want to drop everything and run. But indeed I need him. He's my strongest connection with the Bridgeport Police Department.

MERCEDES: Bullshit! You are addicted to suffer! And maybe even fear him!


MERCEDES: But of course. Listen, corazon, gotta go, but call me anytime and we will get into the night. Si?

REBECA: Anytime.

MERCEDES: Ai, ai, ai, bitch. Assi I'm gonna piss myself.

Mercedes gives a big laugh. Rebeca too.

Shadow calls and calls Rebeca to join him in a vigil in front of Elena's house. Rebeca arrives, both standing, aware of surroundings.

REBECA: You should not be here.

SHADOW: Obviously you did not hear what I said when I called.

REBECA: She has an affair. Big deal. Big wh***. F*** that, Shadow!

SHADOW: What's with you?

REBECA: I had sex with Davis.

Shadow looks at Rebeca's spontaneous expression while she is visibly looking for a place where to stick her head.

Shadow pretends he has not heard anything and look at Elena's house.

A man passes three times around the block inside a black car.

SHADOW: How nice for you.

REBECA: Who is this guy? What? Good for me?

SHADOW: Yes. Congratulations!

REBECA: Shadow, I talk a bunch of nonsense. Sorry to freak you.

SHADOW: I don't care.

REBECA: Okay...

Rebeca pauses, half disappointed with Shadow's response.

SHADOW: I think he won't come here anymore. Maybe even noticed our presence.

REBECA: I wrote down his plate. I'll check with Tyson.

SHADOW: Right.

Rebeca analyzes Shadow. He remains static looking for Elena's house.

REBECA: What did you do this afternoon?

SHADOW: I'm not proud of everything I do.

REBECA: How did you got those pictures again?

Shadow sees Rebeca and gets serious. Rebeca, relaxed before, gets tense.

REBECA: Okay. Nevermind.

Shadow back to concentrate on the case. Tyson answers Rebeca's call.

REBECA: Do me a favor?

Rebeca goes to her office and before entering the door is open. She pulls out her gun, on alert.

She walks slowly and she's very nervous. Trembling. Who's there? It's the end, Rebeca.

Robert sits in the chair, bloodied, beaten and crying.

Rebeca is surprised by what she sees.

Robert turns to her.

ROBERT: Help me. I beg you!

Robert bursts into tears. Rebeca is perplexed by the scene and feels a big empty whole while all her nerves receives a wave of shiver.

What. The. Devil.

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