Devil's Grey - Episode 5 "The Child Who Hides" Part 1 of 2
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Cold. Little light. A passing breeze, flashes of bitterness. Rebeca walks slowly into the room. The rays of light floods the room from time to time, and in silence. The storm seems to laugh at Rebeca.

The bear. Standing on the floor, staring, in a tone of mockery. Wishing something. Come closer - she hears. And then she obeys.

Closer - he commands. Then she follows. The sound of the thunder echoed through the city, giving a somber tone to Bridgeport that can barely be seen from the window.

You can not run. - He mocks.


Rebeca hesitates, trying to block her ears. Failure. The bear insists, make himself heard. The voice of truth. The natural balance, finally the reckoning. Who?

You're not forgiven! - Grizzly screams in her ears. Nothing was forgotten - insists.


Rebeca screams in vain. The bear whispers: Murderer.

Rebeca wakes up. Although she has the feeling that she still dreaming. The shadows delineate the walls of the room. She feels a cold sweat, a strange feeling inside out.

REBECA: It was a dream...

She tries to convince herself.

DAVIS: You said you had nothing to do with the case. Why Big John would want his head now?

REBECA: I never said that. If I said, I lied.

DAVIS: Excellent liar... Sometimes.

REBECA: Big John has nothing to do with it. His case has nothing to do with my case.

DAVIS: This is a FBI case and you lied to me before and you are doing it again now. Beca, do not mess with this, please.

REBECA: Only if you beg me to.

Davis explodes.

DAVIS: It seems that you went crazy! Are you listening to a word of what I'm talking about? F*** this, man! This is not for you, let the proper authority take care of this.

REBECA: Now it's me. It's personal.

DAVIS: You need psychiatric treatment and urgent!

REBECA: You know shit about shit! You stand herte thinking that you own me or have some kind of special control over my life just because you give me information from the BPD!

DAVIS: Speak louder, nobody heard you yet!

REBECA: One thing... Go... F***... Yourself, Davis!

Rebeca walks out on him and goes toward the street.

Davis follows her, grabs her arm and turns. Eye to eye, desires to desires.

DAVIS: Don't walk out on me!

REBECA: Your insane bipolar!

She manages to free herself from his hand and instantly slaps Davis face, who instinctively takes a step back and feel the warmth of Rebeca's hand. Forgive me - the eyes yell.

Silence. Grey. Then pigeons, cars and buses emerge from the ears. How far, how long?

Davis says nothing, nor Rebeca.

He turns and walks away. Something needs to change, I don't need this - she thinks, without considering the consequences.

She sees Davis going farther and imagine that this may be their last meeting.

The cigarette burns. The fresh memories passes through Rebeca's expression, naked, in bed.

Sprawling, loose, hurt while in ecstasy.

Davis takes a very long shower.

Rebeca dresses, turn out the light and leaves.

In the dirt, Rebeca meets Shadow. Seems appropriate at the time.

SHADOW: Why did you call me here?

They are in darkness. It's easier to say sorry than to ask for permission... - She thinks and lets out a smile, but not of joy or humor.

REBECA: They killed her, Shadow. I got there too late. Or at least that is what I have been saying to myself now...

SHADOW: Bad people will do bad things, despite you.

REBECA: Now I'll close my case, whatever the cost.

SHADOW: I like you like this, despite the blame.



Shadow smiles, his white teeth gets in contrast in the dark, with little light that enlightens them.

REBECA: Then maybe you'll like me even more now.

SHADOW: Why? What will you do?

REBECA: I've already done.

Rebeca walks down the alley, toward the back of an establishment. Shadow follows.

They find a man lying on the floor, laughing to himself, speaking nonsense. The smell of intoxicating liquor in all its glory.

MAN: ...And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan... Which deceiveth the whole world... He was cast out into the earth...

The man looks at Rebeca, his eyes fixed on hers.

MAN: ...And his angels were cast out with him.

Shadow looks at her, still fixating in the eyes of the poor man on the ground.

The man lets out a sinister laugh, making Shadow smile.

MAN: What are you hidding from, child?

Rebeca approaches him and suddenly kicks him in the stomach with great force. Shadow gets surprised.

REBECA: And now... Am I forgiven?

She kicks him again, causing the man to vomit on the floor. He drowns, then coughs and suck as much air as he can.

REBECA: Who are you to forgive me or not, anyway?

MAN: Purification suffering...


MAN: ...Is less painful than the situation that creates a culprit for an thoughtless...

And back to laugh, echoing in the alley corners.

Shadow doesn't understand and puts his hand on Rebeca's shoulder.

SHADOW: Who is he, Rebeca?

REBECA: A lunatic.

MAN: Look out, kid. There is no punishment worse than being stuck in their own personal hell because there... There your crimes are never forgotten.

SHADOW: Doctor?

REBECA: Why are you after me? Who sent you?

MAN: You're far from knowing everything... And when you discover it will be too late, as it was late when your client was murdered...

He laughs so loud that Rebeca feels a huge shiver down the spine.

MAN: You, my child, you can't fight the demons in this city. Look around... You're surrounded.

Shadow instinctively look around, just to make sure they don't have company.

MAN: For whom I work? Doesn't matter, really, because the more you dig, many of me will surprise you along the way. Maybe I haven't been successful, but...

He tries to sit. His cold eyes fixed on Rebeca's.

MAN: One time... Someone will. You're not invincible.

REBECA: Who told you to get me? I want answers!

MAN: Don't you understand? Are you deaf? It doesn't matter!

REBECA: Adam Hall? Big John? Which one of those scumbags?

MAN: You are dead.

SHADOW: Come on, he's not in condition to do anything!

Shadow drags Rebeca toward the street through her shoulder. Rebeca is visibly disappointed.

REBECA: I thought...

SHADOW: How did you found him?

REBECA: You don't recognize him?


REBECA: It's Elena's lover.

SHADOW: I don't... How?

REBECA: There was a Dostoyevsky's book... In the kitchen... At the crime scene. He's the one who has been passing by Elena's block that day, it was his car. It didn't take too long to conclude that he could also be involved with the scheme.

SHADOW: What the f***!

REBECA: Yes. We got caught in a series of misadventures...

Rebeca gives a relaxed laugh.

REBECA: So much crap for being a detective in domestic cases. That was hilarious!

SHADOW: We should start looking for our heads. F*** the case. They're after you, Doc!

REBECA: Don't be paranoid. Come on.

They walk down the streets...

While a car is parked on the other side.

A man observes them. He picks up the phone and waits.

MAN: You were right. She found him.


MAN: I don't know, maybe she already know about you. Yes. I'll hold.

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