--Letter from Miss March to Lady D’Winter
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Author’s Note:

This is the first of the in-between chapter extras that I've decided to do. They are optional, you don't have to read them.
Without these the entire story is told from Bobbie's point of view.
With them you get insights from other characters.

The Extras will take the form of letters or diary entries and sometimes will be written by a character with whom Bobbie is currently interacting with (as in you'll get a different POV of an event you've seen narrated by Bobbie) but sometimes they will be from a character far away or even one you don't know yet and will give you a clue what else is going on. They will all be relevant to the plot but many will not have pictures to go along with them.

If yo’ve been paying attention then this should be an exciting extra! lol.

Lady D’Winter,

In response to your letter seeking a girl suited to the position of housemaid I wish to offer two suitable candidates for your consideration.

The first girl was christened Mary Brooke which I find a most suitable name for below stairs. She is two and twenty and has been in service since her tenth birthday. Her most recent position was head housemaid for Mrs Beauch of Fraitessa for three years and as you will see from the attached reference Mrs Beauch found her an exemplary servant. You will also note from the attached references she has also served as parlor maid on several occasions and has an unstained record. I Highly recommend her for a sophisticated establishment such as yours.

The second girl I wish to put for your consideration was christened with the unfortunate name of Clemonce De Brenyan but answers very well to Clair which I’m sure you wll agree is a far more suitable name for below stairs. She is eighteen years old and entered into service at the age of fourteen when her family fell into misfortune. She is a hardworking girl and I am sure she would be easily trained to meet your requirements. You will see from the attached reference from Mrs Dun that she found her to be most suitable in her position as junior housekeeper.

If you wish to arrange an interview with either or both of these girls I am more than happy to arrange this. As usual I have included the particulars in regards to payments on the attached sheet.

On a final note, I’m sure over the years the two of us have become good friends and you will overlook me being so bold, but I wish to bring another girl to your attention. Her name is Frankie and we estimate her age to be about eight years. She comes with no documentation and I cannot provide you with her christened name or birth date. She was born into service and has been in the service of Mrs Cooper of Braklesie for as long as she can remember. She is a hardworking girl well suited to the scullery of scrubbing floors. She has been sent to me because Mrs Cooper no longer has a use for her and as usual I’m expected to find what to do with her. If you could find a place off the books for a girl such as this I would be more than grateful and I’m sure you would find that my fee most accommodating in this instance.

Many Regards,

Miss March.

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