--A Letter From Mrs Hilton
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My dearest most darling daughter Bobbie.
I cannot tell you how much your Papa and I miss you! I think of you a million times every single day and then more some. I hope you’ve settled into school and made some wonderful friends. If there is any girl there that doesn’t love you yet then there is a girl with no sense whatsoever!
Now my dear, this is a short note but you see it is wrapped around a bundle of letters. I’ve written to you everyday even when I had nothing to say. And you poor thing, we haven’t at port once until today so I haven’t been able to send them. Except for my last letter. Do you wonder how I did it? Well, sneaky me left it at the post office and asked the kind lady there to put it in with the post in two days time. I thought a few days into lessons would be a wonderful time to receive a letter from home, just enough time to get over the excitement and bewilderment of a new place but not quite enough time to get too desperately homesick. Were you surprised? Don’t say your old Mother doesn’t have a few tricks up her sleeves!
We’ve stopped unexpectedly at a port today but won’t be here for long so I’ll send these off to be posted to you with just this short note. Try to savor these letters because, my sweets, I don’t know when we will stop next. Perhaps if you opened one a day you could pretend each day’s post had brought you some new words from your loving Mama?
Keep safe, my darling daughter.
I love you.

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