--Henri's Diary Entry
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Dear Diary,
Jo came to me today in a private moment to ask my advice. She had with her a letter. Bobbie’s letter. It was the letter she sent home ever so long ago but was returned undelivered. So she sent it again but then the mainlboats went on strike so we thought the reply must have been held up. I arrived today, the letter. It wasn’t a reply. It was Bobbie’s letter returned only this time “No longer at this address. Return to sender.” Was scrawled across the front. We can’t think what it means. Gladys had the sense not to leave it with the rest of that morning’s mail but to give it to Jo at a quiet moment so she could in turn give it to Bobbie in a quiet moment. Jo suggested that maybe Bobbie’s Papa has sold his house because he’s bought a better one nearer to civilization but I’m not sure even she believes that. For a start she hasn’t given Bobbie the letter yet. We’ve decided another day can’t hurt. It’s the soiree tonight and we want Bobbie to enjoy it as best she can.
What we’ll do come tomorrow, I don’t know. I would write and ask Mother but she is still on the ship with Father. Jo would write and ash her parents but they can’t send a letter back because they are still under quarantine. There must be a grown-up somewhere we can turn to but for the life of me I can’t think who. Suddenly I feel very alone in the world. I think Bobbie must be very brave.

Now, I must be off as Jo and I are spending the whole afternoon spoiling Bobbie as best we can.


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