--A Letter From Edmund Cooper
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Messrs Albert and Hadley Cooper

Dear Sirs,
It has been a lonely house of late. You know I can not wait to be old enough to go off to school like you two rather than having a tutor here at home. I hope you are both applying yourselves to your studies as much as I am here at home except I hope you are having more of a jolly time at it all. My new tutor, Mr Timmons, is very quick to the cane so I must be very mindful of my behaviour. But a lonely house doesn’t mean a quiet one! Not at all. You said to keep watch and report in so consider this my report.
The arguments, both the hushed ones and the shouted ones finally petered out. They kept their arguments behind closed doors and only shouted at night so I never got the chance to eavesdrop but I did hear one thing which was something about how we couldn’t just get rid of them. A few days later and our scullery maid has been dismissed. I know because Cook was complaining about the lack of help when I was stealing cookies from the kitchen. I’m not sure who else they dismissed but it seems a funny thing to argue about. Father is away on business now and guess what? We have a new scullery maid and she isn’t half as good as the old one. She’s older and when I try to sneak cookies she’ll say “Mr Edmund, it’s only two hours until your supper. Can’t you wait until then?” where as Frankie used to not only turn a blind eye but also save me the cut off ends from cooks baking to feed to the birds. The new one doesn’t do that.

I meant to write such a smashing (do you like that? It is my new word.) letter but I have to go to my lessons soon and it would not do to be late.
With many regards,
Your devoted and dutiful brother,
Edmund Cooper.

Didn’t I write a grown-up letter? If you two get up to anything please tell me all about it!

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