Chapter 4 - Thinking Straight
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Clee: Hey Arlene, you're home early, how was work?
Arlene: Uh! It was exhausting!

Arlene: The patients here take a lot out of you, and half of them don't follow their treatment plan while the other half don't show up for therapy!

Clee: Well you're the one that wanted to leave the big city and come back here, and this is what you get for it

Arlene: It sounds like you're not happy I came back, didn't you miss me?
Clee: Don't be silly, of course I did, and we are happy to have you stay with us big sis

Arlene: I'm happy to stay here too! But the problem is not just with the patients

Arlene: Clee! I'm still very lonely and its not getting any better!

Clee: Hey! Don't start with that again, we don't need any more depression! I found Avarice and he's a wonderful guy, you will find someone too, I'm sure of it

Arlene: Thanks little sis, you're probably right, I just need to stop thinking about it
Clee: There you go, now you're thinking straight!

Arlene: Hey, so how is the book coming along? Did you write a few chapters today?

Clee: Um, I didn't write much today, but it is coming along, just organizing my thoughts. But enough about me, didn't you say you were tired? You should rest!

Arlene: Yeah I am, I'll just take a nap here
Clee: You do that, and I'll go make a quick salad

Clee: You just sleep -

Clee: its not like its healthy for you to do anything else

Clee: I mean God forbid you actually ever help out with some chores around here!

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