Chapter 6 - Representative
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Miss Cristay: Good morning Mr.Blue, how are you today?

Mr.Blue: Good morning to you too Miss Cristay, I am well. What can I do for you?

Miss Cristay: Well I was wondering if you finished going over the construction plan for the plantation so I can get the team started on the paperwork?

Mr.Blue: Yes I did Sonia, and I have to commend you for the great job you have done, the lot is perfect and the construction plan is very well thought out, you have the green light to go ahead

Miss Cristay: That is good news Mr.Blue, hopefully we can get construction started after we're done with the Fire Station

Mr.Blue: I knew I put the right person in charge, very reliable work Sonia. Now tell me, how are you finding the new offices I rented out for our operations here?

Miss Cristay: They are way more practical for carrying out our work, and the business complex is not bad, not as fancy as our other offices, but they will do just fine

Miss Cristay: But I do have to thank you for the employees you brought here to help run the show, they have been a great addition and have really made my job easier

Mr.Blue: Just take care of all the technical details and carry out what I tell you. As long as you do that and keep making my life easier, I'll make yours easier and you can have all the resources you need. I am depending on you

Miss Cristay: And I won't let you down Mr.Blue!

Sindy: Hi, can I help you?
Gerard: Hello young lady. I am a representative for an art collector and I am looking for a local artist by the name of Sindy Tlus, this is her residence, is it not?
Sindy: Yes it is, come in!

Gerard: Thank you. Now are you the young talented painter I am seeking?

Sindy: Well I don't know about being talented, but yes I'm Sindy

Gerard: Great! I'll get directly to the point miss: The person I represent has heard about your paintings and has sent me to check them out and decide if they are worthy of purchase, so will you please lead me to your studio?

Sindy: Wow! Well this is surprising and I'm really not prepared

Sindy: But I guess it would be stupid to say no to such an opportunity, no matter how unbelievable it sounds!

Sindy: Follow me right this way
Gerard: I'm right behind you

Sindy: Here it is! Their not all good, but you can find at least one or two that you would like
Gerard: I am more optimistic than that!

Gerard: Hmmmmm

Gerard: Very interesting, very interesting indeed

Gerard: Miss Sindy, your drawings are simply amazing, and as such I will make you an amazing offer ... I would like to buy them all

Sindy: All of them!? I'm flattered, but I mean - all of them !?!
Gerard: Believe it miss Sindy, you are talented and my employer will love your paintings

Sindy: Oh my god! This is the best day ever! Mindy won't believe this!

Sindy: But Mr, I have a favor to ask
Gerard: And what would that would be?

Sindy: I put a lot of work into my paintings, buying them is like buying part of my life, so if it's no trouble I was wondering if I can meet your employer

Gerard: I think my employer would love to do that

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