Chapter 7 - The Whole
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Gerard: Hello Mr.Blue
Mr.Blue: Ah, Gerard you’re back!

Mr.Blue: And I see you met our new friend
Gerard: Indeed I did, and what a lovable addition to the household she is

Mr.Blue: Of course she is!
Gerard: And what a peculiar fur color she has, not to mention its intelligence seems quite sharp

Mr.Blue: She is bred for obedience and loyalty, and genetically engineered to have Blue fur – don’t you just love science?

Gerard: It’s almost magical!
Mr.Blue: Hehe, you got that right! But it’s not all up to science, no our friend here is a testament to what science can do and what money can buy!

Gerard: Money is the means to luxury I believe. Now Mr.Blue, dinner is ready
Mr.Blue: Great, what are we having?

Gerard: Well, since you sent me out on that errand there was no time to cook a large meal, so we will have to do with Hamburgers. Do help yourself to a plate Mr.Blue

Mr.Blue: I sure will Gerard, and I don’t know why you say it like it's a bad thing, everything you cook in here is delicious!
Gerard: Thank you Mr.Blue, glad to know you think that

Mr.Blue: So tell me Gerard, was the errand a success?
Gerard: Yes of course it was

Gerard: But Mr.Blue, please tell me you are not actually going to hang those awful paintings around the house!

Mr.Blue: Haha, that bad are they?
Gerard: A crime in the name of Art, that is what they are!

Mr.Blue: Hehe, well don’t worry, the story will be that I sent them to be stored with my other “highly valued collectibles” back home, so you won’t have to see them again
Gerard: Phew, that’s a relief! Thank you for having mercy on my eyes Mr.Blue

Mr.Blue: You are more than welcome my friend! Now tell me, did you get her to agree to a meeting?

Gerard: I did not have to, she was eager to meet my employer all by herself – she made my task too easy to be honest

Mr.Blue: Very good then, everything is going according to plan

Gerard: Mr.Blue, now that we are done with dinner, there is one thing I ask of you
Mr.Blue: And what would that be Gerard?

Gerard: You said that after carrying out this task you would tell me more about why we are here, or was that not our deal?

Mr.Blue: No, you are right Gerard, I did say that

Mr.Blue: Follow me, we’ll talk outside

Mr.Blue: Calming smooth night breeze, isn’t it?
Gerard: Indeed it is Mr.Blue

Mr.Blue: Now Gerard, how would you define Money?

Gerard: Money? It’s currency, a tool used for exchange, a means of acquiring things in life

Mr.Blue: Spot on! Money is a tool, a very powerful tool, yet not in itself power. Knowledge is another powerful tool, it allows you to utilize money wisely and effectively, but it is still not the defining aspect of power

Mr.Blue: Aristotle said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. So what I can tell you is that from my experience with life, neither is power, yet in synergy knowledge and money are true power if managed by a sound mind

Gerard: I understand your logic, but how is that related to why we are here?

Mr.Blue: Well I already accumulated all the money I could ever need, so right now we are gathering information to enrich our knowledge

Gerard: And after we attain the knowledge needed you will have power here - I’m following with you, but what will you do with that Power Mr.Blue?

Mr.Blue: I can do whatever I want … but what I will do, I’m going to let you try to guess that

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