Episode Three: Diabolical Romance
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Previously on, SURVIVOR: BORNEO

Over at Pagong, relationships & morale flourished

And an alliance between two villains turned into romantic passion

At Tagi.....

Tensions rose as Christopher continued his verbal attacks on Suzie

But he clung onto hope as he formed an alliance with Tiffany

Meanwhile, it was Christopher VS Rachel at the 2nd immunity challenge

It was a close challenge, but Rachel ultimately won immunity & reward for Pagong!

Christopher was at ANOTHER loss at Tribal Council when his alliance with Tiffany failed to save him & he was the 2nd player voted out of Survivor in a 2-1-1 vote

Which tribe will bring it? Which survivor will be ousted next? Find out RIGHT NOW on....



Day 6

Over at Pagong, morale had only INCREASED after a success at the last immunity challenge. Everyone seems pretty happy...

At Tagi, Tiffany spends most of her day painting her next masterpiece :D

Meanwhile, Suzie & Jacob continue working on their Red Head Alliance


Today's immunity challenge is simple. One player from each tribe will compete in this immunity challenge. The goal is to knock down all of the other player's sticks, and then proceed to knock over the main idol in the middle, first person to do this wins immunity for their tribe. Representing today will be Suzie & Detrick!

Suzie fails to knock ANY of Detrick's sticks over on her first turn. Detrick quickly takes advantage of this opportunity and begins blowing Suzie out of the challenge.

Suzie appears to be in trouble as Detrick just keeps knockin em down.....

And Suzie gets back in it!

Suzie is now gaining on Detrick, this is ANYONE'S challenge!

Suzie managed to knock another stick over, gaining on Detrick. Unfortunately for her, Detrick went right back after her as soon as his next turn started...

.. but Suzie catches up with him again!

And then Suzie manages to pull ahead of Detrick! The only obstacle in the way of Tagi winning immunity is the center piece!

Detrick prepares to throw......

And he knocks the stick right down! This math is drawing to a conclusion, only one tribe will be safe!

Detrick prepares to throw, this could win it for his entire tribe....

Will it hit?


AND DETRICK KNOCKS THE FINAL PIECE OVER! PAGONG WINS THE SECOND IMMUNITY CHALLENGE IN A ROW! Tagi will be going to Tribal Council tonight where they will vote out ANOTHER player



Over at Pagong, a romance between two sinister sims forms

While over at Tagi....

It all comes down to this.......

Who will be the next to go? Will it be the artistic Tiffany?

Or will one member of the Red Head Alliance meet his or her bitter ending?


Now is the time to find out, as Tagi heads off to Tribal Council



It's time for the vote, one of these had-working players will be getting the boot....NOW

First vote, Jacob

Second vote, Tiffany


Final vote, and the 3rd person voted out of Survivor Borneo is.....








And with that, Tiffany is the 3rd person voted out of Survivor Borneo. She leaves camp with 6th place, after being voted out in a vote of 2-1

When it's all said and done, both tribes sit down to a meal together

This is



Next time on


The two tribes will merge into one

Players will compete for individual immunity

And one alliance will be destroyed

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