Chapter 11 – Feud
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Miss Aqua: So let me guess: Gerard is running all around the house and you thought the best place to meet is the art gallery because no one comes here this early, right?

Mr.Blue: You're pretty good, I give you that! So what's the update?

Miss Aqua: Well I think I got everything, their house's layout, their workplaces, and their usual activities

Miss Aqua: The way I see it this assignment is over, so what do you want me to do next?

Mr.Blue: I disagree. I need you to stay on this a little longer; follow them around, eavesdrop on them, and learn their patterns of behavior. I want you to be able to predict how they will react if put in a certain situation

Miss Aqua: Ok if you say so, you're the boss

Miss Aqua: I do have a personal question, if you don't mind ..
Mr.Blue: We're back to this again? Alright, what is it?

Miss Aqua: Well it's about that girl you're seeing, Sindy

Miss Aqua: It's all an act right? I mean you don't actually like her, do you?

Mr.Blue: Well Miss Aqua, that would be my business and none of yours

Mr.Blue: And I would recommend that you focus on doing your job well, and not let such things affect your performance

Mindy: Sindy will be right out, she's in the shower. You can wait for her in her room

Avarice: Um, are you sure that's ok?
Mindy: Yeah, go right ahead!

Avarice: Well, since I'm here I might as well gussy up

Sindy: Having a little acne problem there, are you?

Avarice: Sindy! I didn't see u come in, I was just ..
Sindy: Relax, I'm just kidding! Now be a sweet and don't turn around, I need to put something on

Avarice: Ok ...

Sindy: I'm covered, you can turn around now

Avarice: I just stopped by to check up on you, how have you been?

Sindy: Me? I'm great! My new boyfriend is the best man I have ever met!

Avarice: You seem very happy. Who is he?

Sindy: Well, that I can't tell you, I kinda promised

Avarice: Waw, you can't tell me! He isn't an imaginary boyfriend is he?

Sindy: Oh no, believe me he's very real and very handsome. I just want to keep him for myself, that's why I won't tell anyone who he is! Hehe

Avarice: Ok, whatever, you don't have to tell me

Sindy: What's wrong Avarice, you don't seem like your usual upbeat self today ..

Sindy: I mean, I know I had a feud with your wife and her sister when we were younger and it sounds bad that I ask this, but all that aside and in true concern, are things ok at home?

Avarice: No, not really. Things between Clee and I are not going well

Avarice: And it's a hassle to have Arlene living with us! I don't know, I just feel like my relationship with Clee is getting boring, and a little disappointing ..

Sindy: Stop being so gloomy! You're just going through a rough patch and things will look up! It happens to everybody; I was having a bad moment in life and now look at me

Sindy: It worked out for me, and I'm sure it will work out for you!
Avarice: I really hope so

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