Chapter the Second
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(Thanks for commenting. I actually agree with the feedback about the filter. On third glance, the lines are far too jagged and a bit blotchy and blech. This chapter is going to be unfiltered. I played it without advanced rendering enabled so it may look odd. Oddly enough, I prefer disabling advanced rendering as it removes the weird sheen to many of the textures, and also the yucky olive-grey vampire overlay which bugs me when I'm playing a vamp sim. Sometimes playing without it gives me graphical artifacting, so meh. The third chapter will be captured in advanced rendering, as I seemed to have hit a good balance between quality and performance. So without further ado...)

When Cecilia awoke the next morning, she did feel strange. Like there was a change without a difference in feeling. She'd been flirty as teenager, without letting the boys get too far. She didn't feel ashamed of what she and Geoffrey had done, and it was not entirely as much of a business arrangement as it might seem to the gossip circle. Of course, she'd done it under the assumption that he intended to make good on giving her a headstart as a nurse at the Hospital. What had transpired, however, had been more than just a transaction. Not that she was falling for Geoffrey, but he was gentle and kind enough that she enjoyed the experience. He assured her that every other time would get even better.

He left before she woke up, for which she was grateful. She had a lot to do, and couldn't afford to split her attention between preparation for the exam to enter the medical career and Geoffrey. He seemed to understand well enough that this was a casual thing between, that may or may not happen again.

After getting dressed and fixing a bit of salad for breakfast, Cecilia made her way to the park, where she intended to engage in some friendly chess games while enjoying the Leisure Day activities.

She made a good showing, beating her opponent for a best two out of three. Being a certifiable genius had it's perks.

The sim woman couldn't resist an attempt to make nice with one of the locals that had come to the Festival. Perhaps too hastily.

Undaunted by this, she shrugged and made her way to the next attraction, a medium-sized roller situated at the corner of the Park. Hopping into her roller skates, she clumsily stumbled into the arena. Crying out in distress, she waved her arms as she nearly fell, but then was caught by the hands by one of the other skaters.

He managed to steady her, before panic took over and she brought both of them down to the floor of the rink.

"Ow! Sorry about that..."

"That's alright," He said with a friendly smile, "Happens to every newcomer to the rink. Are you new in town?"

Cecilia nodded as she righted herself, unsteadily sliding her skates beneath her center of gravity. Then she returned his smile with an eager grin, "Yes, hi. I'm Cecilia Graves. Nice to meet you."

"Stiles McGraw." As he rose to his feet, he watched Cecilia straighten her posture, "How about I give you some pointers on skating?"

"That would be lovely, thanks." Cecilia gave him a demure smile, as she let him take the lead.

For the next hour or so they got acquainted while teaching her to skate. She learned that he was an aspiring musician, and she in part told him about her ambitions in the medical field. They spent another hour practicing skating before he remarked, "You're a fast study..."

She began twirling, reaching her hands up. Cecilia surprised herself with her progress. "Must be the teacher." She grinned.

"Listen, maybe we can meet up sometime, catch a movie or a bite to eat..." He looked nervous.

"Well, I could use some help settling in. I haven't finished unpacking at my new house. We could meet there later."

"And here I was worrying that I was being too forward..." He grinned and then chuckled, "That sounds, good though."

Cecilia gave him her address before they parted, and he gave her his phone number.


She wasn't done at the Festival just yet. From all the excitement, Cecilia worked up an appetite. The smell of hot dogs wafted from the other side of the park, attracting Festival goers from all over. Luckily, Cecilia was able to finagle a spot on the eating competition that was just beginning. The bell sounded, and so the eaters went to it.

The battle of guts lasted a good thirty minutes, before Cecilia finished, casting a baleful gaze over her competition, and the vanquished plate of wieners before her.

Not a bad day, and she ended it with a few festival tickets, to spend on prizes. but her mind was elsewhere, and with no small amount of excitement, she made her way home, where she could wash up a bit and change into something more comfortable.


A few hours later, Stiles arrived as promised. She let him in with a smile, "Glad to see you again. Are you ready to move some boxes?"

"Absolutely, just show me where you want them."

Stiles nodded. And so they set about unpacking her things. He was content to do the bulk of the heavy lifting, while she took a moment to admire his 'work ethic'.

There wasn't much left to unpack, however, and it wasn't an hour before they were done. Cecilia brushed his shoulder with her hand, and frowned, "Oh, you're so tense. Here, let me help." She put both her hands on either shoulder, while he turned obediently.

She kneaded his shoulders gently but firmly, leaning in as she finished.

Then, as he turned around to thank her, she leaned in unexpectedly to touch her lips to his. And, they kissed. For just a moment as their lips played against each other, the world seemed to spin around them.

It wasn't long before Cecilia seduced him into her bed. Hours later, they lay exhausted, clasping hands beneath the sheets, and gazing into each others eyes.

Cecilia could feel this was different to what had gone between her and Geoffrey, more than recreational woohoo. There was a rightness to it that at the same time made her feel silly. They talked the night away until they fell asleep.

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