Chapter 14 – Aftermath
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Miss Aqua: Good morning!
Mr.Blue: Good morning to you Chelsea

Mr.Blue: I trust you are satisfied with what happened last night?
Miss Aqua: Yes, aren't you?

Mr.Blue: It is irrelevant - as long as you are happy, last night would have served its purpose

Miss Aqua: I can’t believe you! After we shared all of that you still won’t share your emotions with me?

Mr.Blue: I'm afraid there are no emotions to be shared

Miss Aqua: There has to be, I felt it, we connected! I could feel what you were feeling something towards me! Don’t deny it!

Mr.Blue: If you were that much into it then it was very enjoyable for you, and that serves me well

Miss Aqua: What are you talking about? You didn't make love to me because you felt something towards me? Then why did you do it?

Mr.Blue: Well it was starting to be clear to me that your affection for me had grown a lot - I mean you did break into my bedroom in the middle of the night! So the best decision was to give you what you wanted, that way your job performance wouldn't suffer at the expense of this affection

Miss Aqua: What? That’s why you did it?

Mr.Blue: Yes, that and the fact that now you will be more inclined to carry out other tasks - I will be needing you to do more of a “hands on” job from now on

Miss Aqua: Oh my God! You actually think I will keep working for you after you just told me this? You must be out of your mind you jerk!

Mr.Blue: Why are you upset? I told you the truth to your face rather than lie to you. Coming from me you should consider that a complement! Or is honesty not a good virtue anymore?

Miss Aqua: This is not being blunt Mr.Blue, this is being rude and inconsiderate!

Mr.Blue: You have your way of seeing things, and I have mine

Miss Aqua: You know what? You are actually funny! You sleep with me to trick me and get me more driven to work for you. Then, you stupidly go ahead and tell me that to my face and actually think everything will go on as you expect it to be!

Mr.Blue: Why? Do you think it won’t?

Miss Aqua: Of course it won’t! God! Why? How? Why do you not feel?

Mr.Blue: Feelings are not important
Miss Aqua: Oh really!? Then what is?

Mr.Blue: Achieving what I am here to do, that is all that matters! Everything else is irrelevant to even consider

Miss Aqua: Oh yes, the big secret of why you came here in the first place! How did I not think of that!?

Mr.Blue: Mockery will get you nowhere. And I advise you to not make rash judgments about something you do not understand!

Miss Aqua: Well you never really gave me an option because you never explained it!

Mr.Blue: That is my choice to make! Now listen here Chelsea; whatever it is that you want from me you won’t get it now! So if that is what you seek then leave, because nothing - and I mean absolutely nothing - will matter to me before I achieve what I am here to do!!

Miss Aqua: ... and when you do achieve it, what will you do?

Mr.Blue: I will savor it, enjoy it, and delight in its magnificence!

Miss Aqua: What about after that? When it is out of your way, will you care about anything else?

Mr.Blue: I do not know, and I don’t have time to think about what will happen after that! Pipe-dreams about the future will only distract me from achieving my goal

Miss Aqua: You are that determined, huh?
Mr.Blue: Yes

Miss Aqua: Until you get it done you are blinding yourself from everything else around you! It's irrational! It's crazy!

Mr.Blue: Call it whatever you want Chelsea; what I do know is that nothing is going to take this away from me, nothing at all!

Miss Aqua: I ...

Miss Aqua: About that “hands on” job, what do you want me to do?

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