Chapter 3
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(Yes, she is a bit of a tart, I suppose. I think we all have at least one sim that's like that. I have a feeling she'll soon learn to reign herself in, anyway. Thanks for the compliment and comments. In truth, I often feel it's dialogue where I struggle most. It's good to hear that the last couple of posts ring true.)

The two woke up early the next morning. After her daily ritual of bathing, dressing, and checking her phone for blog updates and messages, she came by a text from Geoffrey, who informed her that she'd get a position at the hospital as soon as she completed a degree for Medicine and Science at Sims University. Immediately ecstatic, she ran to find Stiles, who curiously was dressed and standing by the door.

"I'm going to University!" She squealed, "They gave me a partial scholarship, so I'll be able to afford it."

"That's great, hon." He said, patting her on the back. She twined her own arm around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss, taking a picture with her phone.

So having done little unpacking at all, she now had to pack for university. It took her a few weeks, but eventually she got all she needed and also some extra money to spend at the University Town.

When she arrived, she was awed by the architecture of the central buildings, and the crowds of students who all were well into their own activities. There was a comic shop, several halls where classes were held, several hangouts, and a large Studen Union building, which had everything she needed for her studies.

When it came time to choose the place she would rent, she went with the single room bungalow, which was modestly sized for a single student. Thankfully the University provided an unpacking van and service, so she was able to settle in very quickly.

She began acclimating herself to the social network availed by the University. She texted and blogged until her eyes burned, then she went to make a simple dinner of macaroni and cheese. She ate quickly, and washed the dish just as much. Unfortunately, the sink suffered technical difficulties, perhaps resulting from her haste in washing the dishes.

"Bother!" She grimaced and gestured angrily toward the sink. "It's okay, Cecilia, you can fix it, you have the knowhow."

She was by no means a handiwoman, but she knew her way around the plumbing, and so wouldn't have to spend her limited funds on the repair man. She fixed the sink before she went to bed.

She'd signed up for many credits this term, and was prepared to go to class all day three days a week. Cecilia spent much of the first week fighting the temptation to party with fraternities and sororities. At the end, she had an A report card to show for her efforts.

Then the weekend began, and she thought it best to use those days free from study to explore her University more thoroughly. As something of a nerd herself, she thought first to go to the local Comic store, which was fully equipped with not just comic and poster displays, but snack dispensers, video games of all sorts, and PCs set up on a LAN. Cecilia didn't waste any time in engaging the nerds in all sorts of nerd activities. One fellow in a bicycle helmet challenged her to a game of table asteroids. She nearly squeed when she saw the graphics, which hearkened back to an age where gameplay mattered more than flashy art.

She played him until she started losing.

As they got up from the table, she couldn't help herself from sizing him up. She realized she was getting a bit loose since her first encounters, and decided to employ a new gating procedure, meant to weed out the ignorant. She approached the guy, and without the slightest amount of coy, "Hey, you're kind of cute. I'll let you date me, if you answer these questions, three."

And so she went on to lead him into the questions, awaiting his answers with baited breath.

He answered correctly just once, two out of three equaled failure. She patted him on the shoulder and gave him a sympathy peck. "Better luck next time. Thanks for the gaming."

Next up, she decided to play some Sim Animal with another nerdette. They went on for about half an hour before Cecilia stood triumphantly. "Bear always beats salmon." She smirked with on small amount of smug. "Hey, do you mind if I try some things I've been learning in psyche on you?"

The girl leaned backward in the sofa, quirking an eyebrow, "Erm, eh, I guess?"

"Oh, it's nothing intrusive. Not like I'll be giving you neuroleptics or anything. Just some ink blots for you to look at and tell me what you see." This seemed like a great way to get to know people better, and was very pleased that University was giving her an opportunity to learn it.

"Well okay, that sounds fun!" The girl giggled.

"Okay," Cecilia said getting up, followed by the other young woman, "Now," She pulled out an inkblot, "What do you see?"

"Ummm..." She scratched her chin, then giggled, "Gummy bears!"

Cecilia nodded, and smiled. Childish...

It was after five when she realized she'd better get home and see if anyone had emailed or snail mailed her. She'd sent a love letter to Stiles earlier in the week, and was anxious to see if he'd reply.

She arrived home and first thing checked the mail box. To her surprise, there already was a letter addressed to her. With no small level of excitement, she took it out of the box and read the address. She frowned, it read landgraab, but the office address and header were not Geoffrey's, they belonged to someone named Nancy. Not yet curious enough to open it, she went inside and placed it on an end table, intending to check it later.

Sunday went by fast, with she working on her social networking and science skill. She had just begun to learn analyzing rocks and other things found in the wild, which gave her Scientific pursuits a headstart. She'd all but forgotten about the note left on her end table by the time Monday arrived. She left the house in her school gear, and readied herself mentally for a long day of classes.

At the end of the day she was tired and hungry, and surprised to find on her phone an invitation to a party at a fraternity. Nevertheless, she was pleased. This could be fun!

She arrived there, and greeted her host, who apparently was some rich legacy. He challenged her to a game of juice pong. She jumped at the chance to taste the nectar hitherto forbidden to her, and hopefully in great quantities.

She got off to a slow start, losing the first round, and being made to drink a full cup of juice. Defeat never tasted so good.

The next few rounds didn't go so well for rich boy.

He eventually conceded victory, and by that time she was beginning to feel the effects of the juice.

The rest of the night was a pleasant blur, but eventually, after somehow making her way back to her place, she found herself face to face with a stranger. Her heart jumped, but then remembered vaguely delivering a line propsoitioning a technology major to bone up on anatomy. Yadda yadda yadda, they ended up in bed together. His name was Tiberius, and thankfully was understanding about this being a casual arrangement. She explained that she was falling for someone back home. And that was that.

She finished the Term with flying colors, and savored a victory well earned. She only need come back to complete the last few credits, and she can even spend most of it just having fun, so long as she has the funds to do so. Cecilia was counting on that job.

It was just then she remembered the letter from one Nancy Landgraab.

She went over and opened it.

Ms. Graves:

I heard what you did with my husband. This will not stand. I regret to inform you that you won't have a job at his hospital when you come back from Sim University. And also, the house you live in will be rented out to another, so don't bother planning on staying for very long. We Landgraabs own most of Sunset Valley. And now everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, knows what you did with my husband, and the value of your virtue.

Nancy Landgraab Esq.

Cecilia's heart sank. Her despair defied description. She spent the rest of her downtime at Uni crying into a pillow, knowing that Stiles wouldn't have her, and her life in Sunset Valley had come to an abrupt end. Still, she had only known him for a week, and not even spent more than a few hours with him. She could survive this, she'd gone through worse.

The next day, she went on the computer to look for other residences she could take up. Interestingly, she found one in a place callled Legacy Island, under a man named Bruce High, who was renting out extra rooms in his house. Under the description, she saw a view of the place. It was a modern townhouse, beautiful, with large windows lining each end of the Villa. She sent a quick message, then got to packing.

There were still loose ends to tie up in Sunset Valley, and things to gather from what she thought would be her home. She arrived with a heavy heart, thinking about what she'd lost.

THere she was greeted by a young woman wearing a chessboard patterned slicker, who promptly invited her in.

Cecilia started as they moved to the kitchen area, "I'm just here to pick up my things. I'm moving to Legacy City at the first opportunity, just a few things I need to pack. I'm travelling lightly."

"Ooh, Legacy Island! I hear they have a great casino there... I'd love to go too."

Cecilia quirked a brow, "Well... You actually could." She couldn't resist the urge to rob Nancy Landgraabs of the rent revenue, however meager it'd seem to them. "From what I hear he has two rooms available, and even said I could bring a friend with me."

"So you don't mind then? The color scheme of this place IS a bit depressing..."

Cecilia capitulated, in truth glad that she wouldn't have to go to this stranger's place alone. And so she bid farewell to another town, but thankful for the lessons learned. The two new companions gathered their things the next day, and made for Legacy Island.

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