Chapter 18 – The Scare
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Avarice: I'm just not comfortable here, I don't know what to talk about with these people ..

Clee: Avarice it's a wonder that we still get invited to such parties so can you please try to make this work?

Clee: Just talk to them about work, or sports, or anything! Go and mingle!

Avarice: Ok honey, I'll do my best
Clee: Good! Now get to it while I go get myself a drink

Clee: Hey I need a drink, something good
Miss Aqua: Good drinks are my specialty!

Miss Aqua: How does a Vanilla-Stirred Spline Reticulator sound?
Clee: It sounds great

Miss Aqua: Alright, coming right up!

Miss Aqua: There you go! I'll add a little extra kick especially for you in the glass at the front

Clee: Special treatment, thank you!
Miss Aqua: You're very welcome miss!

Miss Aqua: It's only a matter of minutes before the truth serum kicks in and she starts sharing her honest opinion with everybody!

Miss Aqua: Yeah, I just slipped out while no one was looking. I'm on my way

Miss Aqua: I'm not late am I? Those contacts and the wig gave me a bit of a hassle!

Talman: No no it's fine, I just finished setting up

Miss Aqua: Ok great, let's get started! And remember, we want to do this cleanly, no trace left behind!

Arlene: What? The electricity is out?

Arlene: Oh good its back! But that wasn't normal, I should tell Clee to have Avarice check it out when they come back

Arlene: Hmm, what should I have? I guess a glass of milk will do

Arlene: What was that noise!?

Arlene: It sounds like something fell ...

Arlene: The lamp? There's no wind here, the windows are closed! How did it fall?

Arlene: What? The kitchen light just went out? Why does the electricity keep doing that!?

Arlene: Huh! Who's there?

Arlene: Ahh!! Who are you!? What do you want!?!?

Arlene: Ahhhh!!! Get away from me!

Miss Aqua: Where do you think you're going?

Arlene: Ahhhhh!!!!

Miss Aqua: Good night Arlene!
Arlene: Noooo!!!

Talman: Is she dead?

Miss Aqua: No, she won't die from that fall. She's just unconscious

Talman: I thought we were gonna scare her so she falls on the stairs on her own though ...

Miss Aqua: What do you care? Just be happy that you didn't have to hurt anybody this time!

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