Chapter 19 – Another Theory
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Avarice: The repairman just left

Clee: And? What did he say?
Avarice: Well looks like nothing happened to the electrical box, it’s exactly like he left it the last time

Clee: What? That can’t be! Arlene said the intruders cut the electricity!

Avarice: Yeah, but the expert repairman says otherwise, and I’m gonna trust him on this one

Clee: What do you mean?

Avarice: I mean that there is another theory that could explain what happened
Clee: Oh really? And what would that be?

Avarice: Well, the true part of Arlene’s story would be that she woke up thirsty in the middle of the night and went down to have a glass of milk

Avarice: But then she could have went to the living room and got scared or had a hallucination and knocked over the lamp

Avarice: That made her more frightened, and she tried to run upstairs to her room, but then she hallucinated about those ‘intruders’ again, slipped and fell down the stairs

Clee: So you’re calling my sister a crazy liar?

Avarice: Not exactly. I’m just saying it’s not unlike her to have hallucinations! We both know that ..

Clee: Hey, my sister is perfectly sane! And you are not allowed to talk about her like that you idiot!!!
Avarice: Don’t you dare!

Avarice: You don’t get to yell at me! Not after what you did last night!

Clee: Yeah yeah yeah, whatever! You know, I may have been drunk but what I said was true!

Avarice: I can’t believe you! You were never going to apologize! You don’t even regret humiliating me!

Clee: Oh grow up you little baby!
Avarice: Name calling, that’s real mature!

Clee: Oh look at me! I’m Avarice, I want to be an actor, but I suck at it so I’m a freakin’ loser waiter!

Avarice: You know what? I don’t have to take this! I really don’t!!

Miss Aqua: Aren't you gonna go for a swim? The water is great!

Mr.Blue: I’m going in right now!
Miss Aqua: Ok, let’s go!

Mr.Blue: Wait. Before that, I have a question about last night
Miss Aqua: Yeah?

Mr.Blue: It wasn’t part of the plan for you to push her down the stairs, she was supposed to fall on her own. Why didn’t you stick to what I told you?

Miss Aqua: That little shove? That was a little bonus from me, no charge!

Mr.Blue: As humorous as that is, I still feel it wasn’t just out of the want to make sure the plan was completed successfully ..

Miss Aqua: Well, this girl - Arlene - it’s clear you don’t like her at all

Miss Aqua: But she has all your focus, she’s always on your mind
Mr.Blue: And?

Miss Aqua: And that got on my nerves! So in the moment, I pushed it a little bit …

Mr.Blue: Pushed it and her! Look Chelsea, this time it didn’t affect the outcome, but next time it might! So don’t let this get to you as much!

Miss Aqua: Ok, ok I won’t! But you know? I kinda did it for you too

Mr.Blue: For me? And who said I wanted you to do that to her?

Miss Aqua: Oh c’mon, there’s only two things that can make someone so determined; and you already have money ..

Miss Aqua: That means this is about revenge for you!

Mr.Blue: Revenge?

Mr.Blue: Revenge is the last thing on my mind!

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