Chapter 23 – A Break
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Miss Cristay: Ahh! There is nothing better than relaxing in the hot tub …

Elisha: Hey, mind if I join you?
Miss Cristay: No, not at all

Elisha: Ouu! The water feels just right!

Elisha: That feels good! My name is Elisha by the way
Miss Cristay: Nice to meet you, I’m sonia

Elisha: So how come I never saw you here before?
Miss Cristay: It's my first time here.I just felt over-worked and thought I'd have a little me-time

Elisha: Oh you have to work, you poor thing!
Miss Cristay: And you don’t?

Elisha: Nope, I take it real easy!
Miss Cristay: No work, no stress! So you're here for recreation?

Elisha: I don't need a reason other than having fun to be treated to this
Miss Cristay: Lucky you!

Miss Cristay: But just out of curiosity, have you never thought that you would feel more satisfied if you achieved yourself professionally?

Elisha: Oh sweetie, that’s cute. The only thing I need to achieve is this fabulous look! Then, I get everything I want!
Miss Cristay: I’m not sure I’m following

Elisha: It’s really simple, I have a sugar daddy ..
Miss Cristay: Oh, I see

Miss Cristay: Well if you ever have a change of heart and want to work, I can find you a job
Elisha: Thanks sweety, I’ll pass though. But hey, if you ever want to relax I can find you a sugar daddy …

Miss Aqua: I never get tired of doing that!

Miss Aqua: But I'm just wondering how long this break off of work will go on?

Mr.Blue: Well you wouldn't really be enjoying the break if you are worrying about that, beautiful ..

Miss Aqua: I know, but I'm kind of excited to get back to business, I want it to be over as soon as possible

Mr.Blue: Your urgency has already been noted Chelsea. Now be at piece because you will have plenty to do soon

Miss Aqua: So we're back to doing jobs? When? And what are we doing?

Mr.Blue: When? Soon. What? It will involve you going back on surveillance

Miss Aqua: Um, that seems good and all ..

Miss Aqua: But I was hoping there was more, something a little more exciting?!

Mr.Blue: Well ..
Miss Aqua: Woo!
Mr.Blue: There might be some infiltration required!

Miss Aqua: Oh! I like the sound of that!

Jeno: It's not this one, but I have a feeling I keep getting closer!

Jeno: No matter how hard you try to hide and how many houses I have to sneak around ..

Jeno: I will find you Mr.Blue ...

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