Chapter 26 – Got Lucky
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Clee: Hey sis, what’s up?

Arlene: Hey Clee, nothing much just a little reading. What are you doing here?

Clee: Well, I got a call from the hospital saying that Doctor Fergben scheduled a check-up for me today, so I came ..

Clee: And when I got here the Doc was running a little late with another patient – big surprise! So anyway, thought I’d spend some time here with you until they tell me to get back there

Arlene: Oh, yeah that’s great but I kinda have to go for a while, I was just heading downstairs before you walked in ..

Arlene: But I’ll be back, you’re welcome to stay and do whatever

Clee: Alright, I understand, go do what you have to and I’ll keep myself company
Arlene: Great, I’ll be back before you know it!

Joe: Well look who it is! Yo Talman!

Talman: Joe?

Joe: Yeah! My man Talman, good to see you !

Talman: Good to see you too Joe. They let you out?

Joe: Yeah, just got out a coupl’a days ago!

Joe: My lawyer did his job and got me out because of what they called ‘a lack of sufficient proof’, and man am I glad to be out!

Talman: That’s really good for you Joe …

Joe: Yeah, if they want to keep the ‘Joesome man’ locked up, they’re gonna have to try harder than that!

Joe: So what about you? I woke up one day and you were gone, what happened?

Talman: Um, yeah it was weird actually. The warden sent for me, then he told me that the prison was getting overcrowded and they needed more space for more serious criminals ..

Talman: So, um he said that because I was the inmate on the best behavior they decided to let me out on probation ..

Talman: I guess their arm was twisted and they had to empty up a place and I was the best candidate, I got lucky I guess …

Joe: Wow! That is super lucky! It’s almost .. unbelievable!

Talman: So anyway, it was nice seeing you Joe ..

Talman: But I’ve got to get going now …

Joe: Yeah sure man, I’ll be seeing you around!

Talman: We have a problem, a big problem!

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