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Lost Part 2
Back In Pleasantview
After a couple of months Mortimer introduced Dina to the family as his new girlfriend and eventually Dina moved into the Goth home shortly after Cassandra moved in with her boyfriend Darren Dreamer. Dina was somewhat happy. Mortimer was very romantic and she actually grew to love that side of him but this really wasn't the "Lavish Life" she expected. Sure the Goth's were billionaire's but they seem very cheap. She never really asked Mortimer for much she wanted to wait till they married. She felt as if it wasn't her place to ask for anything yet. She had to gain the family's trust and acceptance first until she felt comfortable to even ask for a new car.

Mortimer had became a mother and father to his kids after Bella's disappearance. He worked a full time job and took care of Alexander. He would wake up in the morning to cook him whatever he wanted and then drive him to school. But Dina had been distracting him. Alexander who was still coping with his mother's disappearance cried for nights at the thought that Dina might take his mother's place. Little Alexander waited outside Mortimer's bedroom. He realized that his father was very forgetful ever since Dina moved in.

Dina noticed Alexander peeking into the bedroom and whispered to Mortimer that Alexander was watching. Mortimer jumped off the bed and realized that he hadn't made his son Breakfast. "I'm sorry Alexander, I forgot." Mortimer apologized. "It's okay daddy I just want to go to school." Alexander sighed. Dina seeing this as a perfect moment to bond with Alexander decided to offer her assistance. "I'll take him to school." She said, sounding to excited. "Are you sure, he goes to school in Bluewater Village. "Mortimer said. "What about the school house a couple of blocks from here." Dina asked. "Alexander's school was founded by our family, it only makes sense that he attends." Mortimer said. Dina couldn't believe she was going to have to drive out of town to bring Alexander to school. "You can take Bella's car and Alexander will show you the way, I'm already late for my conference. "Mortimer said.

The drive to Alexander's school was a long awkward ride. It also gave her time to think, she felt responsible for Cassandra's sudden move out the home which caused an argument between the father and daughter. She was not allowed to leave the house until she was married. She thought that Cassandra couldn't bare to live with her "evil stepmother". Cassandra was tough but she thought she could eventually be friends. "You didn't have to walk to me to class." Alexander said. "Oh no, I insist," Dina said. Giving him a hug and kiss she saw him smile and he walked to his classroom. Dina felt a little better.

Previously Bella had been awoken by a noise outside of the bedroom. She quickly ran into the bathroom and his in the tub. Bella doesn't remember a time that she was more scared than this moment. She was terrified because she feared the fact of how did this person get into the house, and hoped that the intruder didn't want to go beyond the bathroom doors.

Just as she feared the intruder entered the bathroom, luckily Bella ran into the shower before he had entered. She saw a green man and didn't know if she was suppose to be afraid. He may have seem like an alien but really couldn't tell if it was the other way around, that he would find an alien inside his home. He was just about to leave when she heard a voice that seem to have came from an intercom. "She's in the shower". The voice said.

The man came to the glass and looked at Bella. "You don't have to fear me Bella". He said. Bella found it odd that he was able to speak the same language as her. "I want you to follow me Miss Bella" He said." What is your name" Bella asked. "My name is is XY-XY Smith, but you can call me Mr. Smith" He replied. "Now come on our experiment has to start now" Mr. Smith said. "What experiment" Bella asked. "No more questions, if you cooperate with us you will be set free and you will regain your memory and be released back into your home world, with no memory of this, it will be like it never happened" He continued. Bella thought for a second before she replied "Sounds reasonable, Where are we?" she asked. "We are floating in space, inside a ship, light years away from my home world and yours" He replied. "Now, no more questions, follow me.

Bella followed Mr. Smith into the living room to find him opening a door disguised as a wall. She was shocked to find out that there was someone else living behind these walls.
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