Chapter 32 – Extended Gratitude
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Miss Aqua: The way it ended was not pleasant Talman, but at least Joe will no longer be a naissance!

Miss Aqua: This way you can get out of here and go back to the house we had you live in before

Talman: That would be a good change, this place is a dump!

Miss Aqua: Are you sure you’re fine after what happened?

Talman: Look, I know why I had to do it and it is done!

Talman: I never liked Joe from the moment I met him and I knew he would be trouble ..

Talman: He brought onto himself. I have no regrets

Talman: Now please take back your gun, there is no need for it anymore!

Miss Aqua: If that will be more comfortable for you, then ok …

Talman: I’ll be comfortable when I’m back with my family, something you promised me would happen! When will this all be over?

Miss Aqua: Talman! I always keep my promises! We will be done soon enough, but we surely won’t be rushing! All you need to worry about is doing what you are hired to do and leave the rest to me!

Mrs.Bremen: And the Mayor sends his apologies for not being able to attend the opening of the new Theatre since he is out of Town at the moment; but he has delegated me to represent him tonight ..

Mrs.Bremen: So on behalf of the Mayor, myself, and all the citizens of our Town – I would like to extend our gratitude!

Mrs.Bremen: For all what BPCI has gifted and offered to us! Our Town is developing and prospering because of the efforts of your company ..

Mrs.Bremen: You have been very generous, and we thank you!

Miss Cristay: We are flattered by your praise Mrs.Bremen!

Miss Cristay: And I assure you that BPCI was happy to contribute to this society, your Town and it’s wonderful people more than deserve it!

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