The Craine Family Drama: Part 7.1
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The last time we left off, Chase was amiss a cheating issue...

Chase: "Come on you stupid zipper!"

Mimi: "Chase? Where are you going? Come back to bed."
Chase: "I'm going home to tell Alexzandria what I did and hope she'll forgive me.

Mimi: "I thought you loved me? Alexzandria will never be better than me, she doesn't love you like I do. We can start a family together!"
Chase: "It was a one time meaningless fling."

Chase: "You got the wrong guy. I love Alexzandria. I belong with her."

Mimi: "Don't say that! Chase! Don't leave! Chase!"

Mimi: "CHASE!!!"

Mimi: "Please don't leave me."

Meanwhile, back at the Craine Mansion...

Sidney: "Oh God, Chase couldn't have!"

Sidney: "Chase lied to Alexzandria about Bartholomew. He didn't tell her everything..."

Alexzandria: "Who could be at the door this late? OMIGOSH!!!"

Chase cheating, Sidney finding out more about Alexzandria's kidnapping, and some one at the door? We will returned to the Craine Family Drama part 7.2 after this commercial break.

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We will now return to the Craine Family Drama.

Alexzandria: "Mom...Dad...What are you doing here?"

Jennifer: "Oh my sweet baby girl! We rushed across Sim Country when we heard about your kidnapping! I'm so glad your alright!"

Alexzandria: "Mom, I'm okay. Dad are you crying?"

Maximillius: "No, I'm just, well maybe a little."

Maximillius: "I'm just glad my daughter is okay. Now where are my other 2 children?"


Chase: "Alexzandria I need to talk...Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Craine, I didn't know you were here."

Madison: "Hi Daddy! Did you come here to give me more money?"

Maximillius: "Oh uh, hi Madison. I see your still calling me Dad, which is okay; but I'm actually here to check on Alexzandria."
Madison: "But of course you are. She seems to be the crown jewel of this family."
Maximillius: Now Madison, you know it's not like that. I promised Bill and Sheila that I'd look after you when they passed away, and I treat you like my own kids. Your apart of this family."

Ashleigh: "I'm glad your home Mom."

Chase: "We need to talk."
Alexzandria: "I know, not right now. Hey mom and dad, I'm going upstairs to change."

Maximillius: "Hey Beauty ole girl! Still have those beautiful blue eyes." Your sure not a puppy anymore."

A little bit later...

Chase: "Since it's so late and on short notice, I'll just poof us up some food so Tony doesn't have to cook. What will you all have?"

Maximillius: "I'd like a steak."

Chase: "Here we go. Everybody else just tell me what you want."

Jennifer: "I'll have some Porcini Risotto."
Sidney: "I'll take a hamburger."
Ashleigh: "I'd like some clam chowder please."
Christopher: "How about some ribs."
Alexzandria: "I have a photo shoot tomorrow, so I'll just have a green salad."

Anthony: "I'd like a taco."
Chase: "What about you little bro?"
Kyle: "I'm not that hungry, but I guess a hot dog."
Chase: "Madison?"
Madison: "Please! Like I'm eating with you guys! I have things to do!"
Chase: "Okay, won't miss you. I think I'm feeling...Hot wings."

And they all ate dinner...on a glass table; Sidney at the bar.

Later, when everyone went to bed...

Chase: "Alexz I don't..."

Alexzandria: "Chase we all have a photoshoot tomorrow."

Chase: "This can't wait, I need to tell you."
Alexzandria: "Fine. Lets go."

Alexzandria: "Alright, what is it you need to tell me so urgently?"

Chase: "I don't know any other way of saying this so I'm just gonna come out and say it; I cheated on you."

Chase just admitted his affair, but what else is he keeping from her; and what "things" do Madison have to do? Find out next time in The Craine Family Drama!

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