Chapter 44 – Disturbed Bliss
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Mr.Blue: Good morning Chelsea

Miss Aqua: Good morning to you Blue!

Mr.Blue: So tell me, how is Edwardo doing?

Miss Aqua: He’s doing super! Clee is convinced she wants to stay at La Perdida Beach ..

Miss Aqua: And just to be safe, we successfully switched her phone with a jammed one, that way she can’t call her sister and would just think it was bad cell service on the remote beach …

Mr.Blue: Very well done, from you and Edwardo!
Miss Aqua: Thank you Blue

Mr.Blue: I’m hoping for more good news. What about Arlene?

Miss Aqua: Well there is news .. there is this guy ..

Mr.Blue: A guy!? Who is it?

Miss Aqua: His name is Jeno. He has been visiting her at her work frequently, and he isn’t a patient of hers – I checked

Mr.Blue: Well then why is he is seeing her so often? Are they dating?

Miss Aqua: To find out I snooped around and eavesdropped on them; and no, they aren’t dating but they are talking ..

Miss Aqua: And he has a big interest in you and BPCI. He is trying to convince her that everything bad that happened with her started when BPCI and their boss ‘Mr.Blue’ came to town

Mr.Blue: He said what!? This Jeno could ruin everything! We need to quickly find out as much about him as we can so we can sideline him!

Miss Aqua: Don’t worry Blue, I’ve got it covered already! I’m really good at what I do, remember?

Mr.Blue: Yes, thankfully you are. What did you get?

Miss Aqua: I did a little digging, then a bit of surveillance, then a bit more digging; honestly, it wasn’t that hard or time consuming ..

Miss Aqua: But basically he’s the town’s crazy conspiracy theorist. He has a history of always giving convoluted explanations to things that happen around town

Miss Aqua: So no one in town actually takes him seriously, not even Arlene – she brushes off his suggestions of a conspiracy against her more often than not

Miss Aqua: Which I thought was a good thing; he’s not that big of a threat after all!

Mr.Blue: Maybe not now, but Arlene might start listening to him soon, and we have to be ready!

Mr.Blue: Yet, there is no need for worry; I think we can actually use him to our advantage. We’ll have to shuffle a few things around and add him as a variable in the plan, but it’ll work out …

Miss Aqua: I’m sure we can figure it out, we always do!

Mr.Blue: Yes, we do. But it is not because of dumb luck ..

Mr.Blue: Now more than ever Chelsea, do you see the importance of being well prepared?

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