Chapter 46 – Lucky Few
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Elisha: Don’t tell me you didn’t like the mansion! It’s great, right?

Miss Cristay: Yes! It’s amazing! You’re very lucky to live here!

Elisha: I’m glad you like it; it’s all thanks to Rodney, of course …

Elisha: And speaking of men, who is the special man in your life Sonia?

Miss Cristay: You jump from one point to another rather quickly, don’t you Elisha?

Elisha: Hey! Don’t try to avoid the question! I won’t give up until I get an answer out of you

Miss Cristay: You sure are pushy! But do you really think I have time for such a thing as a relationship? There’s only so much I can manage aside from work ..

Miss Cristay: In fact, the only man in my life is my boss, Mr.Blue!

Elisha: Mr.Blue. I have heard of him, but you must be one of those few lucky people that get to meet him!

Miss Cristay: Yeah, you can say that I guess ..
Elisha: Ok. So what about him do you exactly like?

Miss Cristay: Who said anything about liking him!?

Elisha: Oh come on! You’re gonna just sit there and tell me there is nothing about such a guy that you like?

Miss Cristay: I um .. well .. he does give off this powerful presence with his personality when you’re around him ..

Miss Cristay: I also do admire his confidence! He always knows what he wants and how to get it! And he goes for it, almost nothing fazes him!

Elisha: Well Sonia, if you want him to like you – and I’m sure you do – be more like him!

Elisha: Be confident! Show him that you know what you want and you just go for it!!

Talman: Gaby …

Talman: No .. Lulu …

Talman: No!!

Talman: When will this end!?!?

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