Chapter 48 – Shocking Revelations
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Jeno: I’m telling you, that’s what actually happened with the Theater!

Arlene: Ok Jeno, I heard what you had to say. Are we done here?

Jeno: You don’t believe me, do you?

Arlene: Not really Jeno, because it all sounds too farfetched!

Arlene: Now I’m trying to be nice here, but I’ve just about had enough!

Jeno: Ok, but I have one more thing to show you and if you don’t change your mind after you see it, then I’ll go away

Arlene: Alright, let’s get this over with …

Jeno: I have it on a flash drive, I’ll put it up on your screen
Arlene: What is it?

Jeno: It’s a picture of Mr.Blue, the owner of BPCI. Tell me if he seems familiar
Arlene: Ok ok, I’m coming …

Arlene: No! No! No, it can’t be!!

Arlene: It can be him …

Jeno: Hah! I knew I would find a link between you two! How do you know him?

Arlene: I .. I …
Jeno: Hello!? Earth to Arlene!

Arlene: Jeno! Get me all the information you can find out about him and his company! Now!!
Jeno: Yes! We’re finally in business!

Mr.Blue: Sonia! What a wonderful surprise!

Miss Cristay: Hello Mr.Blue, it’s great to see you!

Mr.Blue: It’s great to see you too! So what brings you here?

Mr.Blue: Do you need something at work? Or is it another brilliant business idea you wanted to share?

Miss Cristay: No, no. It’s neither …
Mr.Blue: Oh ok. What is it then?

Miss Cristay: Well Mr.Blue, I came here for something a bit more personal ..

Mr.Blue: Wow, Sonia! I’m very flattered ..

Mr.Blue: But I already have someone I care about in my life, and I really don’t want to hurt them!

Miss Cristay: Oh, Mr.Blue! I had no idea! Please excuse me, I’m so sorry!

Mr.Blue: It’s ok. Like you said, you didn’t know ..

Mr.Blue: But I urge you not to give up due to this setback Sonia

Mr.Blue: You deserve someone special, and hopefully you will find them none too soon!

Miss Cristay: Thank you Mr.Blue .. that’s very kind of you to say

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