Chapter 49 – Well Off
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Miss Aqua: I thought she’d never leave!

Mr.Blue: How much of that did you catch?
Miss Aqua: All of it

Mr.Blue: Listen, Chelsea ..

Miss Aqua: No, no it’s fine. Actually, it’s better than fine – I’m extremely happy with what happened and how you handled it. It means a lot to me that you wouldn’t hurt me, Blue!

Miss Aqua: Can we sit down please? I want to tell you something …
Mr.Blue: Sure!

Miss Aqua: I don’t know how much you already know about me, Blue, but I want to tell you about my life a bit more

Mr.Blue: Ok, if you feel the need to, but what brought this up?

Miss Aqua: I’ve known you for some time, and I’ve figured out that you won’t really be comfortable unless you know everything there is to know about me. And being that I want this relationship to work, I want to share with you

Mr.Blue: If that’s what you see fit, then please go ahead ...

Miss Aqua: The first of what I remember is being in an orphanage – and no, it’s not a sad story because the place was really well funded. And although I never knew my parents, I never really felt like I needed to ..

Miss Aqua: I stayed at the orphanage for a long time, the people there were extremely nurturing and I got an excellent education; they even helped me find my own place to stay when I got into high school!

Miss Aqua: Oh and high school was a breeze! I mostly kept to a small group of friends that I was very lucky to meet; we were all friendly and pretty much avoided any drama

Mr.Blue: It seems you were well off then ..
Miss Aqua: Yeah, I really was – even though you wouldn’t expect it, but that’s just what happened

Miss Aqua: I even got into Laqiya University to study journalism on a merit scholarship! But that wasn’t enough for me

Miss Aqua: One time a friend needed help knowing if her boyfriend was cheating on her, so I decided to help her and investigate. Needless to say I busted him! But after that other people started coming to me for help ..

Miss Aqua: They wanted me to investigate a whole range of things; they even offered to pay me for my efforts! So I accepted these little investigative missions all throughout my years as an undergraduate. The University administration was very happy when I graduated because of all the headaches I caused them!

Mr.Blue: I’m sure they were ecstatic!

Miss Aqua: Yes! So then I realized I was really good and started working as a private investigator. I had my eyes on my career and only my career …

Miss Aqua: But that only lasted until three years ago, when you first hired me to do a job on that Rodney person – the old guy that was going through a midlife crisis and divorced his wife, remember?

Mr.Blue: Yeah, I remember that very well!

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