Chapter 53 – Mutual Thinking
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Miss Aqua: So this is the other agent?

Mr.Blue: Yes, that’s her

Miss Aqua: Well why didn’t I know about her?
Mr.Blue: Because I decided that there was need for it

Mr.Blue: But I do feel like you are questioning my methods and how I run things. Why do you think you’re in a position to do so?

Miss Aqua: What!?!?! I thought we were partners and you trusted me by now! I opened up to you! I told you everything about me! Why are you still hiding things from me?

Mr.Blue: Still? I have always been hiding something – no, its things to be exact. Maybe you should’ve gotten more used to that ..

Miss Aqua: No! You should trust me like I trust you! Everything should be mutual!!

Mr.Blue: That’s a nice thought, a good dream maybe – but is everything really mutual?

Miss Aqua: Uugh!! I can’t believe you!! I’m leaving!!!

Jeno: It’s good you came, I was just about to go pay you a visit ..
Arlene: What for?

Jeno: To tell you the good news: I think I found out where Mr.Blue is staying in town!

Arlene: That’s great! You can tell me all about it on the way!

Jeno: On the way where?

Arlene: My house! Let’s go!

Jeno: Wow there, hold your horses! Why would we go to that house? Didn’t you sell it?

Arlene: You have to go with me because Clee won’t answer her phone. And also, it turns out that it was bought by a company ..

Arlene: It’s called IGYN and the situation seems awfully familiar to what happened with the Theater!

Arlene: We can’t let them burn my parents' house down Jeno, we can’t!!

Jeno: And we won’t, don’t worry!

Jeno: But we can’t just be rash. We have to calm down and think about what we need to do and when to do it …

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