Chapter 54 – Crucial Stage
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Gerard: I must agree with you Miss Aqua, the view here is better at night

Miss Aqua: Congrats Gerard, you found me! What do you want?

Gerard: You know from my knowing Mr.Blue all these years, I can tell you he is an individual that is very difficult to understand ..

Gerard: And if you want your relationship with him to continue, you have to be willing to understand that

Miss Aqua: Are you here to give me an ultimatum Gerard?

Gerard: I am here to try to help you Miss Aqua, and I only have your and Mr.Blue’s interest in whatever I speak to either of you! So listen!

Gerard: Mr.Blue hasn’t settled with one woman in a very long time. In fact, I never saw it happen, I just picked up clues that it happened a long time ago

Gerard: Now you may love him, but love is not enough for such an individual

Gerard: After all this time he is not your average person and being with him is not possible for the average woman!

Miss Aqua: So I’m an average woman and should just give up? Is that what you’re telling me?

Gerard: I think we all realize that you are no average woman Miss Aqua ...

Gerard: Also, it is a matter of fact that Mr.Blue is an extraordinary person and you can’t ask of him what you would ask an average person

Gerard: No, he will ask for the extraordinary from you!!

Gerard: And you can expect that later it will pay off, not momentarily

Miss Aqua: So I just go back, be supportive, wait and hope he will recognize all what I do and feel?

Gerard: What is the alternative? Leaving during this very crucial stage when he most needs you?

Gerard: You’ve been here all this time, open your eyes! We are here because of the last time someone did that with Mr.Blue!

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