1.1 - Bumps an' Bruises
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Yay! I can't believe people are actually reading this! *does happy dance*

My blog is farther along than this is, but we'll catch up soon enough...for reasons... >.>

Any feedback would be welcome. I'm sorry if the spelling puts some people off. If you can push through it, Gen 1 only lasts a few chapters.


1.1 – Bumps an' Bruises

Weren’t exactly easy, right off, nah. Bernard an’ Susan had tah settle fer less than thuhy wanted jus’ tah put food on thuh table. But they’re both hard workers, an' I had no doubt that their dreams’d come true someday. Suzy wanted tah be a astrahnut since she were a little girl, an’ Bernard wanted tah “head his own search ‘stablishment”. Something about breeding thuhm there compotahs wid’ fish. I honestly have no idea. As fer me, I just wanted tah look after my family an’ make sure thuh kids grew up right. I wouldn’t’ve minded learning more than even Momma did ‘bout cooking, but that’d be fer later.

While Bernard an' Suzy were out making money an’ working fer their dreams, I stayed home wit’ thuh kids. My momma raised me right, so first thing I did was set out tah meet thuh neighbors. Only met one ‘for thuh kids were tussled out, Beau Andrews, who’s got a wife, but I never did see hide nor hair a’ her. By thuh time we got home, thuh furniture guys had got thuh cribs out an’ hooked up thuh power an’ water. We were moved in!

Our little family quickly settled into a routine. I made breakfast early each mornin’, jus’ so’s Susan could eat somethin’ ‘for she ran to work at 5am. Then I’d wake an’ feed thuh kids. At haf’pas 6, I’d put a plate o’ breakfast in Bernard’s sleepy hands ‘fore he left at 7. Then it’d just be me an’ thuh wee ones. I’d cook while they played on thuh floor. I always had one in thuh walker until they could both toddle an' tussle togethuher. I think I spent most a’ mah time cooking an' canning an' cleaning an' trying to keep up with thuh kids. I taught ‘em both to talk an' walk by thuh time Susan’s first pro’tion came around. An' Chloe was potty-trained when Bernard came home wit’ news a’ some kind’a extra work he was working on wit’ his boss. My Chloe always was a quick study, though where she got that thuh Lord only knows. Training Thomas, now that was a mite harder. He weren’t near so quick as Chloe, but, my Lord!, was he stubborn!

I was still trying tah potty-train Thomas when Bernard an’ Susan finally got those promotions. I was so proud an’ happy fer them!

I’ve always been a get-up-an’-go kind’a gal, so when I started feeling more an’ more tuckered out each day, I thought I might be comin’ down wit’ somethin’. It took me a coupl’a weeks tah figger’ it out. Me an’ Bernard, we were gonna have a baby!

My wish has always been to have a big ol’ family, all my own. Me an’ my hubby cuddled up on a front porch swing while all our little ones played in thuh yard. Now…it were coming true!

That next year, in early spring, still frosty an’ glitterin’, Bernard an’ me brought home our little girl, Shaye Mayfield, named for Bernard’s mama. She’s got some wild hair, that one! All blonde an' blue-eyed, she’s a good kid though, takes after her daddy.

I don’t know if a new baby made ‘em work harder or if we finally got a break, but Susan an' Bernard were both promoted not long after Shaye was born. Things got easier, for sure, but our tiny house was cramped. Then Tommy an' Chloe started school. An’ it just didn’t make sense tah Susan an’ Bernard tah have two schoolbound kids sharing a room with thuh new baby.

Susan started talkin’ ‘round fer contractors. It was time fer a bigga’ house!


Thanks for reading! ^_^

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