2.3 – When the Going Gets Tough...
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Warning: A bit of language ahead, nothing major, but thought I'd give a head's up.


2.3 – When the Going Gets Tough...

We had to be long gone before noon. Otherwise those so-called “scientists” would be by at 3pm to pick up Donovan. Assholes.

We had to be quick.

Thomas packed some food for the trip while I woke the twins, Shaye and Donovan.

“Wh–” insert massive yawn. “Where’re we going?” Medea asked, still stretching.

“Well…” Think, Chloe, think! “Well, Thomas and I were thinking, we haven’t been on a weekend trip in a while and maybe its a good thing to do. You know, spend some family time together before school starts up again. Spur of the moment, I know, but…”

Lucy gave me one of her too-rare smiles. “I think that’s a good idea,” she said in her soft voice.

Donovan looked me up ad down. He’s a genius, just like me. There’s not much that gets past either of us. But he shrugged. “Well, if that’s what we’re doing, that’s what we’re doing.”

Thank you, I mouthed to him as he passed me into the hallway. He stared hard at me, then winked.

“Maaan,” Shaye mumbled, her blue eyes half-lidded and distant. “That’s such a great idea…getting back to nature ‘for the Man drags us back in chaaains.” She gave me a slow, lopsided smile.

I tried not to shudder. Chains…right.

Once everyone was up and getting dressed, I ran back to the study. “C’mon! Print faster you stupid thing!” I was tempted to kick the ancient computer, but I needed maps. I wasn’t sure where we were going, but I wasn’t going without proper directions.

“We’re packed,” Thomas whispered from behind me. “Shaye, Donny and Mead’s dressed. Just waiting on Lucy. I got enough food to last us a few days.

“Good.” I tapped my foot.. “God da–” ‘It’s taking too long! “Get everyone out to the van,” I gestured to Thomas, then grabbed my pda, an early graduation gift from Daddy. It was time…this was going to be hard.

I knew all about locating technology, heck, I’d used it several times to track Shaye down, frickin’ wild-child she is. I knew that all pdas could be traced, eventually, with enough time and patience. It was just something I couldn’t chance. I carefully laid the slim device in the desk drawer. It took all my will to close the drawer and turn to the printer. Daddy’d built it himself, just for me.

The printer was an old, ancient monster, but it seemed to take even longer than normal. After an eternity it was finally done. I grabbed the maps and shoved them into my backpack. One last thing. I tore into the computer, kicking and stomping until it was in pieces, particularly the hard-drive. Otherwise they might trace us! Am I paranoid? Probably!

Everything was in place, everyone out in the van waiting.

We left everything as it was: the beds unmade…

…the dishes from breakfast still on the table…

…the sprinklers still running in Daddy’s garden.

Daddy’s garden…I’d miss it. It was the last piece I had of him. Thomas wiped a tear from my cheek before the others could see. I started the van and drove down the hill, away from the only home any of us had ever known. A place full of memories. Good and bad, vivid and vague, sooo many memories. But it was time to move on.


Thanks for reading! ^_^

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