2.18 - Just Once More
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2.18 – Just Once More

Thomas’s PoV

I was the happiest I’d been in a long time. Donovan wasn’t doing anything extraordinarily dangerous, Chloe was back to hunting for metals, and Medea was beginning to cool down and actually bothering to talk to Chloe again. Lucy and Shaye had both found actual hobbies and neither needed me around for company anymore. I could slow down, take it easy, maybe think.

Life was starting to look up again and I was determined to enjoy it. I’d taken the day for myself and had gone up near the cliffs to fish. There was a slight breeze to lower the temperature and the palm trees provided some shade. The fish weren’t really biting, but that was okay. It was a beautiful day in the Egyptian desert.

I don’t remember what brought it on, but a face rose to the front of my mind. A beautiful face. One I hadn’t seen for…years.

“We left Sunset Valley over two years ago,” I muttered to the breeze. I haven’t seen her for two years. And we hadn’t exactly parted on good terms. Unless you call an email sent at 3am and then nothing a good break off.

“I wonder what she’s doing.” I stared into the distance, just picturing her face, remembering her laugh. She’s probably moved on. And why not? She was young and beautiful and full of life and…completely and totally amazing.

We’d known each other for years. Ever since we were kids. After all, Sunset Valley wasn’t that big. But we’d never really interacted. Then high school happened. And I’d started noticing her. How could any guy not?! She was beautiful, long legs, kissable lips…and feisty! Her temper was legendary! But that just made her more irresistible. I couldn’t work up the courage to ask her to prom. But I did ask her to dance. I’ll be dead and buried before I forget that night.

Every now and then, I thought of sending her a letter. I’d think of all the sappy things I would fill it with. A few lyrics I’d written myself, a pressed flower from China. And maybe a photo, just to let her know I was alright.

But then I’d remember why I’d broken up with her to begin with. That me and my family were on the run. That any contact to past relations might bring Landgraab Labs to our tents. That it could be just as dangerous to her as to us. Then I’d tear up the paper, grab Shaye and that Davis guy and we’d drink rice wine until the wee hours of the morning.

“And this is what free time gets me!” I kicked a convenient rock and ran a hand through my hair, wishing Medea was around so I could break up a fight, or that one guy was getting too friendly with Lucy…or that Chloe was up to something! Anything to distract myself!

“She’s moved on,” I told myself sternly. “Probably got a nice guy, a steady job, a kid on they way.” Somehow, I couldn’t picture it. Not from her. “She’s probably not even in the Valley anymore!”

I slumped to the ground, my hands limp and empty. One more kiss, I thought, closing my eyes to better picture her face, her cheeky smile. Just once more, then I swear, God, I’ll never ask for anything else.


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