Fall Semester.
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Thanks for bearing with me!

Somehow I thought that college would be easier and more fun. I guess I forgot that I'm still me. I've never really made friends easily and being followed around by paparazzi doesn't really make me approachable. My classmates seem nice and they seem to like me, but I haven't really clicked with anyone yet. I think I'm doing well in my classes, at least.

This place is heaven for foragers! There are herbs and fruit bearing bushes all over campus and The Grotto has its own neglected garden out back. I've been cleaning it out and tending to the more temperamental plants and harvesting a bit. Let's just say that I haven't had to buy groceries once since being here.

The bartender at the grotto recognized me and comped me a drink today. It was a nice gesture, but I don't know how I feel about it. On the one hand it was pretty cool, but it just doesn't sit well with me. I'm not any better than anybody else. I'm famous because my parents are famous, not because I've done something worthwhile. Yet.

Weird Weekend

It started out with a full moon. Enough said, right? So, of course a zombie came and ate my one tomato plant. All I wanted was something to nurture while at school! Zombies can be such downers. Then, it's like everywhere I turned there was another guy.

I went to the coffee shop on Saturday and ran into Jacob. He's swarthy with startling blue eyes and fantastic arms. I've never really noticed a man's forearms before... We talked about class and when I mentioned how much I missed getting out on the water, he totally opened up. He also fishes, though he prefers fly fishing over bank fishing or surf casting like I do. He says he likes the skill of it, the tension, the fight of the fish and then the relief of winning. Followed by dinner. I think he might have been flirting with me a little, but he invited me out with him the next time he goes. Jacob says that the reason I don't like fly fishing is that I haven't had the right teacher. I don't exactly have the right streams, either. I live on an island with no deep, fast running streams. My choices are bank or beach.

On Sunday, I decided to try the elixir shop for some ghost chilies and mushrooms I've been having trouble locating when I ran into Leonard. We have bio 201 together and he's very quiet in class, but I notice him doodling in his notebook. We talked for a while about comics, it turns out he loves Amazing Woman too! His favorite villain is Primogenitor, first born son of Jove. Primogenitor is pretty bad-ass, but Monica Chard is so much more menacing and dynamic. She made a coalition with Doctor Mental and Calypso! Getting those two to work together wouldn't be easy. Anyway turns out his garden got eaten by zombies Friday night too, so he was there to see if there were any anti-zombie charms for his garden. Naturally, that turned into a discussion on composting, because what gardener isn't looking for something to do with weeds and kitchen waste?

Then I had to run and meet up with Cid for a study date. I don't know why that boy is majoring in biology, his heart is clearly elsewhere. Cid has shoulder-length, pastel blue hair that's faded to an off shade of green in some places and he wears a floppy wool hat even though it's really warm out. He's always got a bit of paint on him somewhere and I think I spotted him coming out of the alleyway between the science building and the business school with a canvas bag slung over his shoulder. The next day there was a big mural on the wall of the science building of a blue planet inside a raindrop. He looks different than other people, but I'm not sure in what way. He's not a vampire or a fairy, but his eyes shine in the light in an unsettling way...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I was arrested on Friday. I got caught making graffiti. It was totally lame. The officer handcuffed me, walked me to the car, and then drove me home. When we got there, he lectured me about the evils of defacing public property and then fined me $1000! I have no idea why he didn't just write me a ticket. I spent all weekend running around trying to recoup the loss, but have only been able to put together $600. I need all the money I can get right now. I need to get books and basic supplies before returning home for winter break. I can get more fish than I'll ever need, but reference books and comics are a bit thin on the ground... I could just kick myself for cutting up my credit cards!

Happy Halloween! (Belated)

Did you all enjoy your creepy Halloween full moon? Did your pumpkin patch survive the monthly zombie infractions? Did you notice the real ghosties and ghoulies moving amongst the trick or treaters?

I had a very scary Halloween night. I got out of class at 6:00, just when the sun was going down. The moment the sun slipped below the horizon, I heard a sickening noise. When I turned around there was a werewolf with blue hair on its head! Then I heard it again to my other side and another of my classmates transformed! A professor got so scared she peed herself and fainted! Then 3 more people turned into zombies and went lurching off after the vegetation. I ran home as fast as my feet could carry me.

Cid's a werewolf! Cid is a werewolf. So, Cid's a werewolf. Ok.


Jacob came to my house and it's all, “You look so pretty, those shorts are really sexy.” And “It's so rare to find a girl that also fishes. Tell me more about trout. I'd love to see you handling those big fish.” And so on and so forth. It really seemed like he was into me, so I kissed him. Turns out, he wasn't AND he was upset that I'd kissed him. Well, there's the door, buster! Also why would you spend 4 hours flirting with a girl you weren't into? I mean, really.

Finals Ahoy!

Posting is going to be sparse around here for the next few weeks while I get ready for finals. I've got a few papers to write and I really have to buckle down and study. So this will be a complete break with no posts until after I've taken my last test.

Nailed it!

So who has two thumbs and aced all her classes? This girl! I kinda wanna go out and party, but I don't really know anyone who parties, or anyone really. People have been nice, but standoffish. I haven't really made any deep friendships at all. Next semester, I'm going to try and put myself out there more and make some real friends. I only need 6 more credits to graduate, but traveling all that way to take just one class seems ridiculous. I have all Winter Break to think about this.

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