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What I did on my Winter Vacation, by Dina Ray

I did a lot of reading.

I did some painting.

I took care of the bees. I love my bees!

I went fishing a lot. I caught a perfect alley catfish! I named him Benny and he lives on the shelf next to Tremayne, my perfect anchovy.

In all seriousness, this break gave me a lot of time to think. In between all the fishing and indoor gardening, loneliness crept up to me on little cat feet. Before I knew it, it had jumped up into my lap and settled there. I could keep it at bay for a while by calling my college friends, but once I hung up the phone it was just me.

1/8 private entry
I'm losing it! When one of my plants died I cried like a baby. I just don't want this feeling anymore! At first, I loved my little island. I loved knowing that I was the only person for miles and miles. I was even ok when the paparazzi found me because there was someone else there... Now it's beginning to feel like a prison. After this semester, I graduate and I have nothing to look forward to except a lifetime of being by myself on the island and I don't know if I can take it.

Our civilization might be destroying our planet and it might be horribly messed up and broken, but it also has other people in it... Unless I can convince my friends to come back with me. My island is a paradise just waiting to be discovered. We can make the world great again as long as we believe what we are doing is right.

1/11 Welcome Back, Students!

Winter traveling is for the birds! I left on Friday and it was delay after delay after cancellation. I ended up staying overnight in some little nothing town between the Mainland Town and the City when there was zero visibility on the road and missed my flight to University. I finally managed to get in this morning at 8:00. I managed to rent the same old house again and my landlady was happy to see me.

I headed to the library in the morning to read up on metal craft and then went to the orientation. I ran into Cid and he seemed happy to see me and we talked for a while. Turns out he's into comic books too!
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