2.31 – House Tour
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2.31 – House Tour

Chloe’s PoV

It was a very large house. And very empty. That was the first thing I noticed.

The large entrance was over two stories high and completely empty except for the fireplace. It sat in the center of the room, looking very lonely.

Of course it’s empty, I thought. We hadn’t ordered any furniture. There hadn’t exactly been much money left over. But Thomas and I had made sure to have kitchen appliances and bathroom amenities installed before we arrived. I peeked through the closest door. A small bathroom. Or…powder room?

The bathless bathroom was proof that the installations had taken place. Now, where’s that kitchen?

Donovan’s squeal of glee answered my question.

Tucked into the far corner of the overly large entrance was a small, but fully outfitted kitchen area.

“Everything’s stainless steel?!”

I nodded while Medea snickered.

“We figured if you’re gonna cook, you might as well have the right equipment,” Thomas said with a smile.

While Donovan squealed over His kitchen, Thomas and I continued touring the house. There hadn’t been many pictures available online. But finding a house with a minimum of 5 bedrooms wasn’t exactly easy, and we ended up just buying the first one we saw that could fit us all.

There were the stairs to the promised basement, and a set leading up to the second floor.

“There were apparently some washer and dryer fittings already installed down there,” Thomas said, pointing down. “So the laundry room should already be set.”

I nodded and peeked through the next door. A full bathroom.

Across the hall were two bedrooms. The large windows bothered me a bit, but I already had a plan to tint them.

The first floor ended with a large open area, windows on all sides looking out towards the sea.

“You gotta admit,” Thomas murmured as we stood there. “The view’s pretty amazing.”

“It is,” I sighed. “It really is.” Even if it was dreary and rainy, the view was still beautiful.

Eventually, we made are way upstairs. There was supposed to be another two bathrooms and four bedrooms, as well as a way up to the third floor studio. And that’s what we found. As well as a bickering set of twins and Shaye flopped on the floor of what she declared to be Her Room.

“The energy here is amaaaaaazing,” Shaye drawled out.

“Shut up, Shaye!” Medea yelled.

“Why should you get the room with the window room?!” she continued to Lucy, in the midst of some kind of argument.

Surprisingly, Lucy didn’t back down. Instead she smiled sweetly and said “So you can get that amazing balcony overlooking the ocean. It’s a perfect outdoor training area! For all your martial arts…stuff.” She leaned closer to her twin. “It’s also the furthest from Shaye’s room!”

Medea’s head whipped up from where she’d been glaring daggers at the floor. She glanced at the door of Shaye’s room and back towards a pair of doors. She seemed to be calculating.

She gave Lucy a nod. “You got it,” and she marched away.

Lucy grinned and ran after her.

Thomas looked at me incredulously. “What was that about?”

“Deciding who gets which room, I guess?” I shrugged. I’d never seen Lucy so…shrewd. I suppose when you share a room with someone for so long, you learn how to handle them. I shared a glance with Thomas.

The second floor was as open and empty as the first floor had been.

“We’re gonna have to find something to fill in all this space,” Thomas said, spreading his arms wide and smiling.

“Indeed,” I responded, nodding. I glanced over the railing at the floor below. “Donovan! The twins are taking all the good rooms!”

“Oh, gosh!”

I heard frantic scrambling before Donovan’s head poked over the stairwell.

“Too slow, buddy,” Thomas chuckled. “Shaye’s got that one, Lucy’s got that one, and Medea took the corner room. That leaves you that one.”

Donovan pouted a moment before bounding through the door. The room quickly filled with declarations of how “this room was clearly the best, of course” and “where’s my relic collection gonna go.”

“I guess that leaves us with the two downstairs rooms,” Thomas chuckled.

“I suppose.” I began thinking of that tint and what I’d require to make it.

“Unless you want to camp out in the basement,” Thomas continued, heading back downstairs.

The idea had appeal. “Actually, that’s not a ba—”

“Christ, Chloe! No! I was joking! You’re not living in the basement! Jesus Christ!” And my dear brother stormed away, muttering about vampires and mad scientists.

“Thomas, I was joking. Thomas?"

It was good to have a home.


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